Why Is It Important To Supplement With Iodine

Why Is It Important To Supplement With Iodine

Another common question we are getting more frequently is why is it important to supplement with iodine?

And, what is the best source of iodine, is it kelp? And, for vegans, with the oceans being so contaminated with radiation and pollutants is it safe to take supplements?

First off, there is no doubt that our bodies need iodine to function properly and to be healthy. We need iodine to survive. However, can we trust getting iodine from the ocean?

It’s probably safer to eat and drink out of your toilet than from the ocean these days. If we are going to continue to source iodine naturally, then we are going to have to farm it on land from sea water lakes.

We will need to do this in order to get kelp and other sea vegetables that provide us the natural iodine. Right now, the only people we know who are getting adequate amounts of iodine in their diet are from Japan and Korea.

They are able to do this because they live according to their traditional lifestyles and not the ones that have been westernized.
There is a well-known Lugol’s 5% solution which is a good supplement. As important as it is to supplement with iodine making sure you have enough, it is equally important not to take too much as well.

Also, avoid fluoride, bromide and chloride which is in our toothpaste, tap water and baked goods. If you get enough iodine and avoid the fluoride, chloride and bromide, you can ensure a healthy thyroid.

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