What are the treatment for hair loss in ayurveda? – Dr. Sharmila Shankar

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Ayurveda focuses on knowing the cause of the disease before we start the treatments. An important factor in hair loss treatment is knowing the cause of what is causing the hair loss. There are different types of causes. The main causes can be lack of proper nutrition in the diet and it can be because of depletion of important mineral such as iron , calcium, zinc etc in the diet or it can be due to lack of sleep or because of excess stress or it can be some metabolic disorders like thyroid conditions etc. or knowing the cause and further treatment it is essential. Coming to the treatment, we first focus on the damage of the hair and for that we do various Ayurvedic therapies oil therapies and steam fermentation therapy and the next step is promoting the hair follicles, the growth of the hair follicles. and definitely the changes in the diet, if the diet is no appropriate and changes in lifestyle and paranayama, yoga and many other hair packs and other things that help in the growth of the hair follicles also is recommended.

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