Weave 101: Closure for Half Shaved Hair (Quick Weave)

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  1. Monica Poole
    Monica Poole 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    yes i still watch this love it that u made this video i got it down pack now make one with the bob style please

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  2. dominique williams
    dominique williams 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Hey I also have shaved sides and I want to install a quick weave.. How long do your quick weaves last ? Is this only for short term ?

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  3. Sherry-Ann Best
    Sherry-Ann Best 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    you look with it

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  4. Jaimee Drakewood
    Jaimee Drakewood 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    omg please do!!!

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  5. Jaimee Drakewood
    Jaimee Drakewood 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    do you have a video on how you actually installed your hair?

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  6. Tasha Sims
    Tasha Sims 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    I'm using curly hair/shaved side… Can I still make a closure and how do I make it stick together if I can't flatten it with the flat iron without making the curly hair flat??

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  7. Jessica Parham
    Jessica Parham 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    I just discovered your channel & I'm in love!!!!

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  8. Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell
    Trevor Siobhan- Caldwell 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Love it

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  9. BriansProductions
    BriansProductions 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    what glue do you use ?

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  10. Nuwang Shen Na'vi , Miren de Nuwang 女王, 迷人的女王
    Nuwang Shen Na'vi , Miren de Nuwang 女王, 迷人的女王 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Thank you for the tips, Goddess. Bless

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  11. Tami Payne
    Tami Payne 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Can you do a tutorial on quick weave for a mohawk

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  12. TheDanibella
    TheDanibella 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Hey girl so I have the faux hawk with shaved sides my natural hair is like 5 inches out on the faux hawk. Do you think if I wore in clip in extensions on it and parted it like yours to the side you would be able to tell I have extensions in?

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  13. Chelsea Lynn
    Chelsea Lynn 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Wow, how have I not thought of this, so glad I found your videos:)

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  14. #MT SHELLZ
    #MT SHELLZ 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Do you have a video of how to lay the tracks for this style

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  15. Hezekiah Holt
    Hezekiah Holt 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    I love you for this 

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    AKIYIAKELLY 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    I am glad I stumbled across your videos… 🙂
    I had to Subscribe…
    Check out My Channel when you get a Chance.
    Be Blessed….

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  17. zerosurrender
    zerosurrender 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Not sure why this closure method isn't working for me… Please tell me there is a fold over method or something else I haven't figured out?

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  18. Jonelle Williams
    Jonelle Williams 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Thanks so much for not leaving your hair out this has help me out a lot…my hair is in a mohawk like a dude cut as if my sides are 1 and the middle is 2 so watching this has allowed me to put my hair in different styles with added hair…. Thanks again… Keep up the good work luv it!!!!

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  19. marispari
    marispari 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    love ur earings in all ur videos

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  20. TheBlaquebeauty1
    TheBlaquebeauty1 19 February, 2017, 03:17


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  21. Trena Tucker
    Trena Tucker 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Thanks I been waiting on a video like this the closure. Part u are great.

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  22. Krys Rodriguez
    Krys Rodriguez 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    So glad I found you! Thanks for the info!

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  23. DEZII Wallace
    DEZII Wallace 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    lol live in  torrid <3

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  24. Tye dillon
    Tye dillon 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Please do a video for full shaved head I been trying to get this look for months. Now please 🙏

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  25. kailah pierce
    kailah pierce 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    helped so much

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  26. iyesha21
    iyesha21 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    ur so beautiful hun

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  27. Chelsea Snowden
    Chelsea Snowden 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Oh my gosh you look so pretty! I love it , my hair is shaved and I was looking for a tutorial. I'm subscribing ! <3

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  28. TheeSuziQ
    TheeSuziQ 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    How Do u Lay The Tracks Tho???

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  29. Shetina Maxwell
    Shetina Maxwell 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Yaaaas Teach Hunty!! Lol

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  30. Blacck China
    Blacck China 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    this is toooo cute. i was tryna do a side shave but was wondering how i close it up. great vid!

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  31. Rosly O
    Rosly O 19 February, 2017, 03:17

    Omg what is the name of the intro song in this video

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