Trying to Fix Damaged Hair – Aphogee 2-Step Treatment First Impression

S/O to Aphogee for the care package and helping me fix my hair a little bit. Even if my hair still isn’t all that healthy, at least it feels a lot better.
As I mentioned, too much protein can be bad for the hair, so I won’t be doing this again for a few weeks. But if you guys want to see more of a tutorial on this (and less of a first impression) let me know!

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  1. ch527kerosene
    ch527kerosene 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I tried something new and had background music for the whole video! Did you notice? Does it sound better? Was it more entertaining? Haha, well hopefully you guys enjoyed this a little regardless. I wish this product would’ve completely fixed my hair, but it’s definitely better than before! And a fix-all product is definitely wishful thinking. My advice: don’t do what I did, and take your time with bleaching! lol

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  2. Potato Chris
    Potato Chris 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    You want your hair to be healthier, yet you straighten it after you used all the products that would supposedly make it better.

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  3. cassandra quirino
    cassandra quirino 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    when it was air dryed I saw a huge difference. I have the same hair. I do alot of treatments and totally understand your struggle and how it feels over how it looks. and it looked alot better and the curls where starting to come out. I think I'm gonna try this too

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  4. Shelby Elizabeth
    Shelby Elizabeth 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Thumbs up if she should have a vlog channel

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  5. Shelby Elizabeth
    Shelby Elizabeth 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    She's so cute I swear she could look good with any hairstyle

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  6. ILoveYou
    ILoveYou 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Shave it? πŸ˜‰

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  7. WakeupGrandOwl
    WakeupGrandOwl 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I've used the two step protein treatment before and it really did help with the feel of my hair… in the beginning. Unfortunately, I was unintentionally destroying it in other ways and eventually I had to cut it above my shoulders because it was crumbling so badly. All the bleached parts of my hair are still weak, brittle and crumbling but it's growing out and I'll just have to keep trimming it until it's gone :/

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  8. CHAN-kun
    CHAN-kun 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Looks great! I'm glad to know your hair is feeling better. ^^

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  9. Eric Langshaw
    Eric Langshaw 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I'm hard

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  10. Wynnter Mitchell
    Wynnter Mitchell 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Towards the end when you were showing the after clips of when you straightened her hair, I really love how your roots grew out in the back. It falls really nicely and it's a pretty cool look 😭

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  11. kafka
    kafka 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Beatiful 😍

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  12. Edgar Mauricio Rodriguez Murcia
    Edgar Mauricio Rodriguez Murcia 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Que mujer tan hermoza.

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  13. Pingy's bae
    Pingy's bae 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    omg you would look so hot with a short pixie hair

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  14. Rae Dasme
    Rae Dasme 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Dang this girl can rock literally any hairstyle. @5:13 you can imagine it short even.

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  15. kalliopkaka !!
    kalliopkaka !! 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    the funny thing is that you can use a bleach so good and you are so confused with just simple products πŸ˜› but you did it also very good

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  16. Alicia Gonzalez
    Alicia Gonzalez 27 February, 2017, 14:13


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  17. Harikusa
    Harikusa 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I love girls with curly hair.

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  18. LA ZI
    LA ZI 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Still waiting for you to do porn

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  19. Youtube Flash
    Youtube Flash 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    This is how I like to spend my Sunday's.

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  20. Sky Wentz!
    Sky Wentz! 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    you are so pretty ><

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  21. David Eyes
    David Eyes 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    cut .. cut ..

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  22. Rhiannon Seed
    Rhiannon Seed 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I use this 2 step treatment and it did miracles for my hair! I bleached my hair 3 times in order to achieve white/silver hair and thus it was in disgusting condition. My hair was nipple length but the crown of my head had broken off and was only 4-5 inches long!
    This obviously hasn't lengthened my hair but it has stopped it from snapping off the way that it was. I do it every 6 weeks, well no, I've done is twice in 5 months so I'm due to do it again ASAP… but it does help hugely for me. The only thing is I find the conditioner isn't enough to soften my hair, so I use a deep mask after instead of their conditioner and my hair is beautiful afterwarrds. It really is a good product.

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  23. Sanaa Chea
    Sanaa Chea 27 February, 2017, 14:13


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  24. Alisha Santiago
    Alisha Santiago 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I was so shocked when you put up the picture of your curls, they were so cute! I hope your hair gets better eventually πŸ™‚

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  25. Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    And that's what, girls, happens when u go full retard – u get fluff on ur head πŸ™‚

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  26. Laura Dahl
    Laura Dahl 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    You could just grow some new hair tho, your hair is growing super fast anyway. And you could seriously rock a pixie haircut

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    NOISE MAKER 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    After drying you look so fluffy! I wanna pet it.

    I like background music though, you leveled it well with the rest of the video it definitely works. :]

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  28. Emily Swartzel
    Emily Swartzel 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    I like the background music

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  29. Rodya Pink
    Rodya Pink 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    the first thing to fix your hair is to stop blow dryiing it and straighting it that the main reason why your hair is dameged my hair used to be dameged but thank god my hair is so pretty nice now even you wont see the diference immediatly but you will see results in 4 or 5 months and use alot of hair food and apply it to your roots and the rest of your hair but focus on the roots and the dead ends and use sirums cause it really works i used to straight my hair my hair was the same as your hair it was thick pretty and kind of beachy curls but when i used the iron i mean the hair iron for 2 years my hair was more badly than yours it was a nightmare to me like i was so sad and hopeless that my hair wont get its shine and health again but i used a prouduct a full collection and my hair got pretty from the first day using it i see a good results and i'm so happy bout that and you will find it hard to live with your hair without straightning it but be confident and then you will be happy and proud with yourself πŸ™‚ !

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  30. Chill
    Chill 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Just let your roots grow out more and cut it short πŸ˜€

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  31. ronald johnson
    ronald johnson 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    WOW!!!! CUTE

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  32. otaku
    otaku 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    does dyeing damage your hair too much??

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  33. K Alchemy
    K Alchemy 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    YAS! πŸ’š I LOVE APHOGEE! 😁 I'm a hairdresser and I always recommend this to clients who have SEVERLY damaged hair. the leave in spray is also one of my favorite products to use any time I've been applying a lot of heat styling to my hair. πŸ‘ your video was also very informative and well done I'll definitely be referring clients here in case they want to see it in action on someone before using it themselves! πŸ‘πŸ˜† great job!!! πŸ’š

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  34. syvkni
    syvkni 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Coconut oil is hair Jesus. I rave about it always. it saved my damaged hair

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  35. Debora Todd
    Debora Todd 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    in fact with olaplex you get back your hair natural shape because is SO GOOD

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  36. Pab Bap
    Pab Bap 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Queratine doesnt help, what is more, it's even worse for the hair…

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  37. Crystal Hill
    Crystal Hill 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Am I the only one who really like the look of her roots against the white hair?

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  38. h4bulol
    h4bulol 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Can you do a tutorial on how you straighten your hair? It came out perfectly

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  39. Raven Razor
    Raven Razor 27 February, 2017, 14:13

    Your so lucky to have thick enough hair to have the sides shaved and still look like you have a full head of hair

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