Tips To Slay Your First Henna Gloss Treatment | Jungle Naps

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  1. Isaiah Clinton
    Isaiah Clinton 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Thank you for these tips!

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  2. Tenacious Z
    Tenacious Z 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    To avoid a huge mess, you need to wrap your hair in a bunch of plastic wrap then an old towel. That's what my sisters and I do. A lot less cleanup that way. You can even take a nap.

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  3. nevaeh tieasha
    nevaeh tieasha 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Iam so in love with henna I stop buy will be starting back up didn't no sallys sold henna will be getting henna from there soon I always order from on line or Hennasooq but now will go there I agree it is messy but the benefits are amazing payoff I love it I even use amla powder /as a face mask /thanks so much sis

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  4. Shanelle Anderson
    Shanelle Anderson 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    What are the steps to this?

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  5. Demi 826
    Demi 826 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    your makeup is absolutely flawless. I should also try the Henna, but Im scared I will destroy my bathroom.

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  6. Lilian Dare
    Lilian Dare 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    You look amazing and your hair looks beautiful 👍🏼

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  7. MissDarcei
    MissDarcei 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Saw you on Curly Nikki! Congrats!

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  8. Gloreebee1
    Gloreebee1 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Thanks for sharing this. I want to add color to my hair bc it's natural color is dull so I will try this. Thanks so much for the tips. Now I'm gonna be ready to SLAY my henna. lol

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  9. Gina Zak
    Gina Zak 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Great video! I just subbed, I make videos as well and would love for you to check them out and let me know what you think. 🙂

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  10. petalisbless
    petalisbless 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    Your hair looks nice… my mom use Henna on her hair also… good tips my dear 🙂

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  11. Morena Azucar
    Morena Azucar 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    I have some henna I need to get some gloves and go ahead and do it.

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  12. NaturalHairObsession
    NaturalHairObsession 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    I use a semi permanent dye, but it doesn't last long at all! Maybe I should try henna?!

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  13. marquita83
    marquita83 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    ive been scared to try henna i may soon i have like a couple of grey hairs and i dont want to use box dye never did…thankz for these tips…im just going to suck it up one day and just do it lol, love your make up and that nail color is beautiful and your hair is nice too tfs girl1 🙂

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  14. jsparklesmakeup makeup
    jsparklesmakeup makeup 23 February, 2017, 23:45

    I love your hair looking very good

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