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Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Today’s tutorial is going to be on this Sunset Eyes Makeup Look & On How I Straighten My Hair! I am obsessed with this makeup look, its perfect for summer because of the colors! You can rock this look for both day or night events. I really hope you guys like this look, please don’t forget to hit THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE!!! Also, commen below and let me know what look you guys would like to see next from me! Love you guys!!
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Eyeshadow Palette : BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil Palette

Glitter Glue : Too Faced Glitter Glue

Glitter : Lit Cosmetics Addicted
Lit Metals – Addicted Gold

Highlight Palette : Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Gluerriero Glow Kit

Mascara : Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl Mascara

Lashes : Lilly Lashes in Opulence Use code MELLY23 for a discount!

Lipstick : Ciate London Liquid Velvet Lipstick in Oh Hunny

Lipgloss : Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Ritsy

Lip Strobe – Ritzy



Flat Iron : Foxy Bae Rose Gold Tres Sleek Flat Iron Use Code FOXYMELLY for a discount!

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  1. FiendiBaby987
    FiendiBaby987 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    melly what brand fan brush do you use??

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  2. Gigi Ramirez
    Gigi Ramirez 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Your so beautiful!!!

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  3. Diana Sanchez
    Diana Sanchez 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    I love watching your videos but I think your brightness or lighting might be too bright boo!

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  4. Pooh Whitaker
    Pooh Whitaker 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    This look is Bomb AsF!!! πŸ™‚

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  5. Jorge MartΓ­nez
    Jorge MartΓ­nez 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    wooow eres muy Bonita; )

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  6. Kayla Reyna
    Kayla Reyna 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    you look like a snack girl!! yum yum!! your scrumptious β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

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  7. Maquellage Kasper
    Maquellage Kasper 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    You are literally the most beautiful women ever !!!!! Love you melly !

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  8. KaiSeR144
    KaiSeR144 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    I adore your lips!! 😍

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  9. Kasia Mckinlay
    Kasia Mckinlay 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Hella pretty but don't over draw your lips it looks funny πŸ’ž

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  10. Jonathan Mexico Buenrostro
    Jonathan Mexico Buenrostro 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    goddess most beautiful lady i have seen your eyes are galaxy's. this earth is lucky to have you on it.

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  11. SolelyVanessa
    SolelyVanessa 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Love the colours!

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  12. Rosa Gonzalez
    Rosa Gonzalez 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    hi melly I love all your videosΒ and I also like that you don'tΒ use profanity in your videos because my daughter loves to watch all your tutorials….

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  13. Xiomara Ruiz
    Xiomara Ruiz 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Where's she from??
    I love your videos πŸ’–

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  14. jay anderson
    jay anderson 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    WOW….gorgeous as usual….AND YOUR HAIR! GIRL!!! I thought it was your NATURAL hair….hadn't checked yet, but I hope u put the info on where to purchase in the description box ❀!

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  15. Deliah Moutira
    Deliah Moutira 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Wth!! I love this look😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ’―

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  16. casillasasf101 #jenny
    casillasasf101 #jenny 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    loove ur makeup u should do a black lip look

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  17. Skitz Shady
    Skitz Shady 17 July, 2017, 19:27


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  18. Divaliciousbeauty123
    Divaliciousbeauty123 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    your skin is so flawless

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  19. Mei Kimi
    Mei Kimi 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Yes! my QUEEN on Instagram !

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  20. Dia Blair
    Dia Blair 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Is that ur real hair because ur hair is amazing

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  21. Angelica Argumedo
    Angelica Argumedo 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    what nationality are you? your so gorg!!πŸ’‹

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    CHRISTINA RODRIGUEZ 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Omg I love how you do your makeup πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–

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  23. Torrie Kennedy
    Torrie Kennedy 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    you're so perfect how are you even a real person

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  24. Tierra Miller
    Tierra Miller 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    I like the makeup look but , those naaiilss . What color is that on your nails ??? 😍😍

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  25. mercedez mojarro
    mercedez mojarro 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Lmao "glitter whore"πŸ˜‚

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  26. mercedez mojarro
    mercedez mojarro 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Your still cute w your swollen cheeks boo❀️🌹

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  27. Harmony J
    Harmony J 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    😍😍😍 love love love it 😘

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  28. Patillaram
    Patillaram 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    MuΓ©stranos cΓ³mo limpias la sombra extra al final de los ojos! πŸ€—

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  29. April Gutierrez Muniz
    April Gutierrez Muniz 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ½ Melly Gurl!!!😍😍😍

    Love it!!!πŸ”₯πŸŒ…πŸŒ…πŸŒ…πŸ”₯
    Yaaassssss GLITTER!!✨✨✨✨✨

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  30. Dani Marte
    Dani Marte 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Ur looks r bomb but I feel like you do looks that are EXTRA u should do something natural

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  31. nageeb saleh
    nageeb saleh 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    I'm going to end up buying this pallette
    Whenever I'm ready to buy the morphe 35b it's always out of stock!! πŸ˜”

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  32. nageeb saleh
    nageeb saleh 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Melly this is so beautiful

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  33. nekomochibun
    nekomochibun 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Oh snaaap 🀣😍😍😍

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  34. Jayla Mateo
    Jayla Mateo 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    😍 ur so beautiful I always show my mom ur YouTube videos ❀️

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  35. Dorothy Brown
    Dorothy Brown 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    It was beautiful I just saw how u could straighten your own hair I always do that at the salon lool.. When are you gona post a nude look sometimes when we don't wana use any coloured shadowπŸ˜™πŸ˜™

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  36. Hilary Graley
    Hilary Graley 17 July, 2017, 19:27

    Thank you so much I got a straightener a curling iron and bobby pins for $194.15 love you so much

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