Spanish Flamenco Inspired Hair Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Spanish Flamenco Inspired Hair Tutorial (NoBlandMakeup)

Hello flamenco fans everywhere!

Today I’m doing a hair tutorial to accompany the makeup tutorial for the Spanish flamenco Dancer. This look is inspired by the amazing beauty of flamenco (and flamenco is really fun to say). For those of you know don’t know, flamenco is a dance that originated in Spain. It’s beautiful because not only is watching the dancers fly accross the stage just amazing, their costumes are fantastic as well. flamenco is, to me, a less blantanty sexual version of the Tango- but it still has an undeniable sexiness that keeps your eyes on the dancers the whole time. Basically, flamenco is awesome lol. For more on the history of flamenco, and a full list of products used, check out my blog:

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  1. Eliza L.
    Eliza L. 22 April, 2017, 00:07

    ¿Eres originalmente de España ? Tu pareces india, no Mediterráneo. Pero buen trabajo, muy linda.

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  2. Nathali Rebolledo
    Nathali Rebolledo 22 April, 2017, 00:07

    I am a flamenco dancer. hehe ima try this hairstyle out. flamenco is a very hard dance I tell ya

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