Side Braid with Romantic Soft Loose Curls | Date Night Boho Hair Tutorial

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Here is my Valentine’s Day Hair Tutorial! I love a romantic soft curl look for a date night with my husband Matt. This look is quick and easy to do, I also love adding a fun twist with the Boho braid! Would you all want to know my other tricks to east hairstyles? If so make sure to give this video a thumbs up! Also, don’t forget to subscribe to actually see them!

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Products Used:

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo //
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask //
Neutrogena Triple Moisture Leave-In Cream //
T3 Twirl Curling Iron //


Forever 21 Dress //
Baublebar Necklace //
Urban Outfitters Earrings //
Nordstrom Ring //
MAC “Stripdown” Liner //
tarte “Namaste” Lipstick //
Pixi “Petal Ice” Lipgloss //
OPI “Let’s Be Friends” Nail Polish //

Camera Used //

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Love this romantic date night hairstyle- dutch braid with loose waves / curls. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Shelley Hulet
    Shelley Hulet 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Guess you forgot to show us what the end result actual looks like. :O (turn around in a complete circle so we can 😮 it)

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  2. Angeline Kirkpatrick
    Angeline Kirkpatrick 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    So gorgeous! Happy Valentines Day to you, Matt and Soka!

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  3. Laura's Natural Life
    Laura's Natural Life 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    You are stinking adorable! I am loving the eyshadow/ lip combo. This hair style is sooooo prettty.

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  4. Britni Bartolomucci
    Britni Bartolomucci 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Love your old school videos! Not diggin the neutrogena intro..

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  5. Sheridan Gregory
    Sheridan Gregory 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    You have the best hair. Love this hairstyle!

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  6. Ashley Buffone
    Ashley Buffone 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    you have the healthiest hair! omg i love it!! have a great v-day girl !

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  7. Aishwarya S
    Aishwarya S 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    +Angela Lanter Eat burgers, pizzas and watch Tv #Alone

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  8. elucero9
    elucero9 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    What is your fitness routine? What you eat in a day?

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  9. Elodie MV
    Elodie MV 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Perfect hairstyle ♥ Love it

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  10. rea vas
    rea vas 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    great hairstyle for Valentine's ❤ u r my favorite Youtuber u r so beautiful & sweet have a great day xx

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  11. Najah B
    Najah B 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Love this hair style ! Can you do a what's on my iPhone tag ? 😊

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  12. Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Hi Angela 🙂 I love this but i'm so bad at it… I love your background ! And like i'm single, i will do nothing for this day 🙂

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  13. Tiffgod
    Tiffgod 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    So pretty 😍

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  14. Talea Wise
    Talea Wise 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Tight curls…for a romantic night!

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  15. Taylor Judd
    Taylor Judd 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    #snapchatfam I love your videos!!!

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  16. Angela Lanter
    Angela Lanter 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    What's everyone's plans for valentine's day?!

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  17. Emily Elizabeth
    Emily Elizabeth 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    #Snapchatfam I love this hairstyle! Braids are always my go to because they're so cute and simple to put together. I saw your snaps today, and I voted on the beauty products!! 😊

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  18. Roxanne Amber
    Roxanne Amber 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    GORGEOUS hairstyle girl. Have an awesome Valentines day. LOVE YOU. xx

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  19. Sendija Kuzmina
    Sendija Kuzmina 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Hi, Angela. I love your videos. This is a really great tutorial. #Snapchatfam#FanfromLatvia

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  20. Bailee Hale
    Bailee Hale 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Man this is so cute! I think ur next video should be a gold pink look! I have a hard time using my gold shadow. Jus think u should show me how to do a look with gold eye shadow!!!! And I saw this on ur snapchat story!!!

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  21. LeLoni Perison
    LeLoni Perison 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    #snapchatfam I would love to see a video about how you first got into blogging and doing youtube videos, maybe some helpful tips for others getting started 🙂

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  22. Missglamorista1
    Missglamorista1 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    A lip products favorites video! You always choose such pretty shades!

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  23. Martin Schubert
    Martin Schubert 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Love the hairstyle! Would be so much fun if I were still in the beauty industry and having a salon in LA, to create super cool looks together! 😉😜 btw can't wait to see the new beauty room! 💋

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  24. Stephanie Sturrock
    Stephanie Sturrock 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Snapchat fam 😘 xxx

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  25. Jordan Houle
    Jordan Houle 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    #snapchatfam love this video!!

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  26. Rachel Livingston
    Rachel Livingston 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    #snapchatfam ❤ you are so talented I can't keep up! 🙈

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  27. Sarah Houck
    Sarah Houck 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Love this!! I've been really into braids lately! #snapchatfam xoxo :)(

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  28. Jane Warren
    Jane Warren 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    your hair is so pretty! <3

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  29. neha patel
    neha patel 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    You make it look so easy! Def going to try it out for valentines! Its so cute! #snapchatsentme

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  30. Carly Glassy
    Carly Glassy 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    I'd love to see a girly makeup tutorial!

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  31. Andrea Babin
    Andrea Babin 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    LOVE this and you!!

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  32. InevitableAttraction
    InevitableAttraction 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    This is such a pretty hair style. I wish my hair would hurry up and grow so I can do things like this to it. Haha <3

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  33. Beautylove101
    Beautylove101 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! omg it would mean the world if you replied

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  34. TheEden Rayn
    TheEden Rayn 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Would love to see a closet or makeup tour/organization.

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  35. Meira Mathew
    Meira Mathew 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Snapchat sent me here!! Love the look😍

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  36. Diana Moreno
    Diana Moreno 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    coming from snapchat. i love you💖

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  37. May04bwu
    May04bwu 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    I wish my hair was longer. Can't wait to make a proper braid :3

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  38. Luda Dzhur
    Luda Dzhur 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    So pretty 😍love the lose curls

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  39. Leah Nielsen
    Leah Nielsen 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    First comment!!! Loved it!! I would love to see a full makeup collection video

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  40. Paula Fernandez
    Paula Fernandez 26 February, 2017, 08:46

    Loved it! 😍 Next eye make up please!

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