Short Hair Tutorial: Easy Blow Out/ Straight Hair

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Hey guys!! Here is a tutorial on how I blow out my hair for a really easy straight look that I wear on a daily basis!

Products Used:

Sally’s volumizing mouse
John Frieda Hair Spray
Round brush is From Ulta and everything else is from Sally’s Beauty Supply!!

I hope that you guys enjoy seeing how I straighten and blow-dry my hair! Thank you so much for watching!!


xo Meg

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  1. Briana Whittaker
    Briana Whittaker 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    u know u kind of resemble jennifer aniston with your hair like this

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  2. Hanna Carter
    Hanna Carter 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    my hair is EXACTLY like this you are such a life saver

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  3. Ushma Asher
    Ushma Asher 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    Finally a tutorial where the beauty guru has hair like mine. Most beauty gurus already have straight hair before they do anything to it!
    Thank you for this

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  4. Jinkimbap
    Jinkimbap 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    My hair ends turn upwards everytime i try to straighten my hair, it is annoying :c My hair is short like yours, same length. Can you help me on this one?

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  5. mcg267
    mcg267 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    I learned something new today! Never knew you could round brush dry hair. Always thought it had to be wet/damp.

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  6. Andjelija Anja Jovanovic
    Andjelija Anja Jovanovic 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    You should try serum from Avon (Advance Techniques Dry Ends Serum I think that's the full name), it is so affordable, it lasts a long time and it is best for dry ends or to use it as a mask!

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  7. Jordan Schnackenberg
    Jordan Schnackenberg 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    My hair is like yours but I have long layers I love your hair

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  8. Kendall Potts
    Kendall Potts 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    What song was playing when you were using the round brush? I've heard it before I just can't remember the name

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  9. preecypie
    preecypie 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    You are super rough on your hair, it made me cringe, and yet it's super gorgeous, I'm sooooo jealous x

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  10. BraidsandBeauty
    BraidsandBeauty 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    It's soo good to know other peoples hair looks like mine !! I thought I was the only one with naturally crazy hair.

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  11. Caroline Warmke
    Caroline Warmke 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    You cut your own hair, do AMAZING makeup, and even take care of your health. Your videos really have helped me! Keep being awesome! 🙂

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  12. Cheyenne Rose
    Cheyenne Rose 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    You look like Jennifer Aniston

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  13. Maksuda Akhter
    Maksuda Akhter 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    love that necklace ur wearing, where is it from?

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  14. JCarol1225
    JCarol1225 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    Wow, that's a lot of heat damage! You really are rough on your hair. Try using a heat protectant and be extra gentle on your hair.

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  15. Evelyn's Mommy
    Evelyn's Mommy 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    When you pulled it down it looked amazing

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  16. stephanie payamps
    stephanie payamps 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    Nice tutorial! 

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  17. sos wa
    sos wa 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    when ever i see you i wanna cut my hair like yours

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  18. eherbert89
    eherbert89 19 February, 2017, 12:30

    We have similar hair types, so this video was great! Does that straightener get pretty hot? I'm in the market for a new one and I find that I need a lot of heat to straighten my thick, wavy hair.

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  19. Cecilia Garza
    Cecilia Garza 19 February, 2017, 12:30


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