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So the day is finally here. This is the full tour of my salon. Every bit of it. This was a very requested video and sorry it took so long to make. Hopefully this can give any of you at home stylists and salon stylists some ideas. ↓↓↓↓ CLICK SHOW MORE ↓↓↓↓

Here is a link to my wet station from kaemark if you are interested

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  1. Rai Smith
    Rai Smith 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    what is the name of the cabinet you got from ikea? did the drawers come with it or was it separate?

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  2. Frances Sipple
    Frances Sipple 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I didn't see any perms, or perm rods or rollers. Where do you keep those?

    Reply this comment
  3. bobbie l
    bobbie l 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    it is pronounced rue

    Reply this comment
  4. Sweettshaj
    Sweettshaj 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    can you do a video on how to start your own home salon, like requirements

    Reply this comment
  5. naila grant
    naila grant 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Great video about the fine details of a home salon. Thanks.

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  6. Nicki Rivera
    Nicki Rivera 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Hey April i was wondering about the wet station i live in California and they said central do u think i would be able to get it delivered?

    Reply this comment
  7. Mrs.RED'VON 77
    Mrs.RED'VON 77 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    i really enjoy your video new subscriber

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  8. Op2mist 2017
    Op2mist 2017 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    good….. but, rambling.Just a tour right?!

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  9. Marie Burns
    Marie Burns 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    You add color to a formula just to get rid of it? There should b cops throwing u in jail

    Reply this comment
  10. Morgan Dee
    Morgan Dee 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Girl, that hair 😖😫

    Reply this comment
  11. Kenisha Patton
    Kenisha Patton 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I like that you keep the bloopers in

    Reply this comment
    DONNA RONDEAU 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I like watching your videos but please dust your salon

    Reply this comment
  13. Gemma Green
    Gemma Green 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Your a great hairdresser,but it does not look like a hair salon at all,needs a makeover

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  14. CaitlinTodd
    CaitlinTodd 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    "there head is just twisting off of their body and it creepy" I love you april!

    Reply this comment
  15. Maryqc1960
    Maryqc1960 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    check with your doctor's office or the local hospital to see if they can take your "sharps" or which company(s) they use.

    Reply this comment
  16. MisKimmi
    MisKimmi 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Love your stuff! You're so real. Amazing stylist too boot. All the best to you.

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  17. Ruby Jeffery
    Ruby Jeffery 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    The video was really long

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  18. LaLaKait
    LaLaKait 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Have you done an updated salon tour almost 2 years later

    Reply this comment
  19. Jean Broese
    Jean Broese 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I am interested in the station, do you have brand and model number?

    Reply this comment
  20. abeer amaira
    abeer amaira 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Your salon is absolutely beautiful, of course i love it ,you are doing great ,thank you very much for sharing

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  21. DanTDMfan
    DanTDMfan 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Please do a basment tour

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  22. watermelonroks
    watermelonroks 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Your intro bloopers made me giggle

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  23. Meridith Katz
    Meridith Katz 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    April my parents sell framesi color wholesale

    Reply this comment
  24. Mackenzie Martin
    Mackenzie Martin 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I want a video where you tell us about hair school! I want to know everything about them

    Reply this comment
  25. Krystina Wood
    Krystina Wood 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    I am so happy I've found your YouTube! The creepy floating basin head has happened to me before haha

    Reply this comment
  26. carmensherita
    carmensherita 21 February, 2017, 19:21


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  27. Shawna Lange
    Shawna Lange 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    April was wondering your hairstyle how much do you think it runs in price? thanks

    Reply this comment
  28. Amara & Andrew
    Amara & Andrew 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    hey April I would love to start my own small home salon. Do you think you get a lot of people? Would you recommend it at home?

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  29. Brittany Henry
    Brittany Henry 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    hahaha i laughed a little too hard, " their heads like twisting off their bodies and its creepy"

    Reply this comment
  30. Julia Trebus
    Julia Trebus 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Some things have changed since I got out of Beauty College in 1971  lol

    Reply this comment
  31. Claire Williamson
    Claire Williamson 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Hair extension video's  glue in, sewn  or micro loops x

    Reply this comment
  32. Brandi Broyles
    Brandi Broyles 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    April can you tell me how you enter your home salon? Is there a side door or do they come threw the house I'm trying to decide how to fix my home salon

    Reply this comment
  33. Jessica Evrist
    Jessica Evrist 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    you crack me up…." cut anyone's face off.". ha ha….. i never did any of that in beauty college….. love that you have other ppls cards in your bus card keeper.. lol… me too.. ha ha..

    Reply this comment
  34. Jessica Evrist
    Jessica Evrist 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    what i do in my lil salon when i use a color that is open.. is put it back in the box.. then use a pen to mark the label….then i just go to that box first… yeah. lol.. gotta have that pen….around… can always tape a string to a pencil from your cabinet…

    Reply this comment
  35. cynthia caldwell
    cynthia caldwell 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    a floor vacuum will get those hairs that stay ,the head rest can also be used for shaves

    Reply this comment
  36. TheCatalinaGirll
    TheCatalinaGirll 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Love the tour!!!
    Where did you get your color cabinet?

    Reply this comment
  37. Cat Edwards
    Cat Edwards 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Really keen to find out more about Blazing.  When I researched it – it seems like a lot of products to mix – doesn't that get expensive?  What are the main advantages of using it?

    Reply this comment
  38. April Slavens
    April Slavens 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Great salon!!! Cute video 💜 your personality!!!!

    Reply this comment
  39. cary packer
    cary packer 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    State board has obviously never been to your salon.. So many violations, it would be great if you followed state board rules and regulations. I have a salon attached to my home, but follow every rule. I love your fun personality and that you have compacted so much in a small place. Best wishes 🙂 

    Reply this comment
  40. Amy Willner
    Amy Willner 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    Omg I LOVED your hair!!! 😍😍😍😍

    Reply this comment
  41. Simply Tiffani
    Simply Tiffani 21 February, 2017, 19:21


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  42. 88msbugsy
    88msbugsy 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    You are adorable! I'm a "veteran" of 34 yrs in the hair biz…I taught for Goldwell; Rusk; Framesi and L'Oreal…I even went ful time with L'Oreal for a while once but I like working "behind the chair" better…Corp stuff isn't what it is :cut out" to be [lol pun intended!] hahaha…enjoy your career!!! I have a very bad back now so mine is about over now. I even went to the beauty school and allowed a guy to color my hair there- that was a 1st in all these yrs. I stopped working at a salon last Aug 1st bc my back got too bad to work. I need surgery maybe but i already have had 2 surgeries. On a brighter note…all the best to you!!! You are adorable and I am SURE you are cranking them out now! I wish I had thought of working from home bc it wld have saved me a LOT of "trauma and drama" in the hair biz…lol…Then again it is all a learning experience…If you ever want any advice go to my channel- I don't talk hair there but I am into what is going on in this crazy world, lol I will also learn some stuff from you!!! Thank you!!! Keep learning always more…

    Reply this comment
  43. Lee Lage
    Lee Lage 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    FYI  I keep the tube I am using in the box with one of the tabs left untucked.  So, it is in the right place when I look for it and Know it is an open tube.

    Reply this comment
  44. Kara Hudak
    Kara Hudak 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    My neighbor had a smaller salon before she remodeled.

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  45. Val Hayllar
    Val Hayllar 21 February, 2017, 19:21

    This is a fab video  April-but please check the Barbicide instructions- its not a cap full its much more than that! We do enjoy watching your videos and my daughters loves you!  🙂

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