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HIA! this video was HIGHLY suggested and i took a while to upload it because there where certain issues, this is a blog for my prom day, i had a blast!! i hope you enjoy/enjoyed!!♡


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Camera:Panasonic HDC SD90
Editor :Final Cut Pro x
Thumbnail: Fotor / Picmonkey




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this is a short vlog 🙂

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Thanks for watching! BK xo

Categories: Hair DIY


  1. Cee & Zee
    Cee & Zee 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    Beautiful subbie to our channel ❤️

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  2. Cee & Zee
    Cee & Zee 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    Salone sister ❤️

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  3. Asia
    Asia 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    Who made ur dress?? I sketched mine but i cant find a person to make it… And i love yours btw u look beautiful😁

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  4. Elisa Markita
    Elisa Markita 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    beautiful your pretty poems dress is cute

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  5. AsiaInnocence345
    AsiaInnocence345 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    Oh My Beautiful ♡

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  6. Asia Simone
    Asia Simone 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    😍What do you use to edit your videos

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  7. sindey wilson
    sindey wilson 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    Are you selling your dress?

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  8. Jennifer Baffo
    Jennifer Baffo 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    u soo beautiful♡.♡

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  9. Mia Elodie
    Mia Elodie 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    You looked absolutely stunning! x

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  10. Hawa Love
    Hawa Love 22 February, 2017, 02:27

    I want your dress, you  look so beautiful!

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