Organic Keragreen Treatment Step by Step by The Hair Healer

Organic Keragreen Treatment Step by Step by The Hair Healer

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Finally! A non-toxic, Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Smoothing Treatment called KERAGREEN.
Rich in organic ingredients and performs better than its toxic alternatives.

You must have heard about the Brazilian hair treatment or about the Keratin smoothing treatment in the past. These treatments are intended to relax and tame frizzy, unmanageable hair, by infusing the hair with rich proteins. The downfall of this treatment is that the main ingredients are extremely TOXIC chemicals such as Formaldehyde and Cylomethicone (Silicone). When this treatment is performed on a client’s hair, it is accompanied by a very strong smell, and harsh fumes, followed by a white thick cloud of smoke, when applying the hot blow dryer on the hair.
I am not going to lie, I have performed it many times in the past, and it does a great job with straightening the frizzy hair, however, when I discovered what are the actual ingredients in this treatment, I decided to start looking for a healthier alternative.

The NEW ORGANIC Keratin Smoothing Treatment -KeraGreen:

After doing a thorough research of all the products in the market, I have come across the one and only HEALTHY alternative to the original Keratin Treatment. It is called KeraGreen, which is an Organic Keratin and Protein system that does an incredible job taming the hair and eliminating most of the frizz away.
The KeraGreen hair taming system contains organic ingredients, No Formaldehyde, and No Cylomethicone.
• There are no harsh fumes or smells
• No irritation
• No burning eyes

More about the KeraGreen Treatment

This Keratin and Protein Hair System is not just another keratin smoothing treatment; it is a complex Keratin and Protein Hair Restoration System that will deliver impressive results, time after time…

KeraGreen uses superior natural ingredients and certified organic extracts that won’t expose the clients to unnecessary health risks, or further degrade the planet in which we live.
The KeraGreen Keratin & Protein System is a complete restoration system with fantastic, smoothing results.
The innovative formulation and product line will deliver long lasting healthy hair that will improve after every treatment.
The ingredients in the KeraGreen Keratin smoothing treatment are of the highest quality available. The plant-derived keratin and other vitamins and minerals deliver superb benefits to all hair types without any health risks.

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  1. dee Rodriquez
    dee Rodriquez 18 July, 2017, 06:11

    how about if i want my curls but no frizz, how would you then do the treatment

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