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Hey Vintage Dolls! Today I will finally share with you my Old Hollywood Glam Makeup and Hair Tutorial! This vintage makeup tutorial is perfect for an everyday look! I will show you how to get gorgeous finger waves and a flawless 1940’s makeup look. I will show you how to get this look with the help of my friends Alex & Kate. I hope you enjoy this vintage old hollywood glam hair and makeup tutorial!

Last video- Testing Out Vintage Clothes under $20- https://goo.gl/Ayzw9K

Thank you Alex Gilleo & Kate Hargraves for doing my hair and makeup!
Show them some love♡♡
♡Alex Gilleo
Alex’s blog- http://muahbyalexandria.com/
SHOP Alex’s makeup collection!- http://muahbyalexandria.com/shop
Instagram @AlexGill & @AlexandriaGilleoMakeup
♡Kate Hargraves
Site- http://www.katiehargraves.com/
Instagram @HairHoneyByKate & @KatieHargraves

Instagram♡ Twitter♡ Snapchat♡ @SweetEmelynes

FTC: This video is not sponsored.

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  1. Mary-Elizabeth
    Mary-Elizabeth 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Do you use vegan products too? Or are you only on a vegan diet? Love you btw😸😻😺

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  2. DIY With Breanna Marie
    DIY With Breanna Marie 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Omg I ❤️ ur makeup!! Also can u do a vintage haul? Or makeup tutorial vintage style I guess?! 😂😂

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  3. Claire Centillas
    Claire Centillas 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    the look isnt vintage at all…its so.modern…this is the make up look nowadays??

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  4. Lauren Hart
    Lauren Hart 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    I love the editing and how you showed each product up close

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  5. Nikki Liz
    Nikki Liz 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    You're so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. jengrenko
    jengrenko 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Very pretty. Next time why not try some victory rolls and a strong red lip?

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  7. Sasha Anne
    Sasha Anne 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    please check out my tiny lip glosses they're peta certified they can fit in your purse or pocket so you can touch up on the go! there are 3 colors in one pack a red, pink and rose gold! you can you the code sasha18 to get 18% off the glosses that are $19. you can use the code until july 7th. i just turned 18 and the coupon is also in honor for july 4th

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  8. Rétr' Aurélie
    Rétr' Aurélie 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Tellement jolie

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  9. Girly Moonlight Silke
    Girly Moonlight Silke 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    you look so glam

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  10. Zandra N
    Zandra N 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    You're all so gorgeous!

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  11. Trending With Tori
    Trending With Tori 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Love it!!!

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  12. Nada Hesham
    Nada Hesham 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    You should start doing makeup hair videos! Trust meeee🙈🙈❤️

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  13. Hannah Gracexoxox
    Hannah Gracexoxox 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Whats the Curling iron size?

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  14. Charlotte Wahlert
    Charlotte Wahlert 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    This video gave me so much inspiration!!

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  15. Charlotte Wahlert
    Charlotte Wahlert 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    I loved this video! Love you em!♡

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  16. Hannah Gracexoxox
    Hannah Gracexoxox 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    How about everyday vintage hairatyles?

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  17. Mom's Channel
    Mom's Channel 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    this look is still very today kinda look, i guess everlasting … loved your channel <3

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  18. Imperfectly ciara
    Imperfectly ciara 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    Your hair is stunning!😊💗

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  19. Cat R
    Cat R 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    You have such beautiful hair. Thank you for sharing. When are you going to make a video on lightening your hair naturally? I believe you mentioned it on your instagram. 🙂

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  20. Moonlight Roses with Irene
    Moonlight Roses with Irene 9 July, 2017, 21:11

    YAY💗 This was definitely worth the wait!!! You look beautiful! love you so much Emelyne🎀

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