Natural Hair Tutorial : (Roller) Set Trippin’

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My sets be trippin’!! Find out more below:
I TRIED IT AGAIN IN 2015!! Click the link to watch my updated version!!

EVERY TIME I do a roller set, whether it be with flexi’s, perm or these magnetic rollers, it always gets to trippin’!! My products are on point because my hair feels so bomb, but the outcome is just real Gram-ma-ma ish!! I’m retiring this natural hair option and sticking to the more basic styling options I know of:-) Good Luck to anyone wanting to give this a go. Peace be with you:-)

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  1. Michelle P
    Michelle P 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Lol love it

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  2. Dulsine Garden
    Dulsine Garden 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Het is echt mooi hor?

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  3. Pamela Brown
    Pamela Brown 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I luv this video…you were really doing the most. I laughed so much at all the effort. Don't worry you ain't no sucks'. Your hair looks very healthy.

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  4. Mesaj Ital
    Mesaj Ital 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    The sections u made might've been a little too big for the rollers, that's why they kept slipping off the sides and u had to start over. If u make the sections more narrow they'll fit easier on the roller and u won't struggle as much

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  5. Doriette Jordan
    Doriette Jordan 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    i would love to see those curls separated after removing the rollers. Djordan

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  6. 2011Destiney
    2011Destiney 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Omg ya roller set was perfectttt. Ughh yu gave up too fast but yu funny af though 😂

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  7. Unsweetened Black Tea
    Unsweetened Black Tea 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    love your commentary!

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  8. Shena52
    Shena52 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Your roller set was on point! All u had to do was comb back and juz(push hair toward front) back in the day..
    then u could have pulled/push hair if u get where I'm coming from.

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  9. Mary Tabe
    Mary Tabe 17 July, 2017, 15:23


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  10. Mira natural
    Mira natural 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I absolutely love you! Made me laugh the whole time..gorgeous hair.great personality

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  11. Michelle Williams
    Michelle Williams 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Doing a pony tail roller set might be easier and quicker due to using less parts. It's also a more efficient way of stretching the roots better. Your Bantu knots are gorgeous but pin curling the roller set might give you the waves that you want.

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  12. jamia silvestre
    jamia silvestre 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Next time try end paper that will help grip the hair around the roller

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  13. Candy Heartz
    Candy Heartz 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    it looks like, u just need bigger rollers

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  14. Kelsea Bee
    Kelsea Bee 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Lawd your rollerset and Bantu knots were perfect 😩

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  15. JazzyWazzyMSP
    JazzyWazzyMSP 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Um… Really Nice Hair Type!

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  16. Rae Manyika
    Rae Manyika 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    did she say "rollering" ?

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  17. Monica Reid
    Monica Reid 17 July, 2017, 15:23


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  18. Clarese Wilson
    Clarese Wilson 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I only read like the first few comments & I'll be saying the same thing because it MUST be reiterated! Your first roller set attempt was FINE, actually perfect! You just needed to separate the curls & fluff, no one would have seen your roots. My heart almost broke when the next clip was you brushing those beautiful curls back into a ponytail & then the Bantu knots… LAWD! Lol. Anyway, funny video, hope u didn't get to frustrated while in the midst.

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  19. B Hicks
    B Hicks 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Girl the first set you did was good. All you needed was to fluff the curls and get a pick for the roots to add volume! I wish my set would turn out half as good lol

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  20. TheYouraten
    TheYouraten 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    LMAO you should have stopped if u were getting frustrated bcuz no hairstyle is worth damaging ur hair. Your hair came out fine, did you attempt to separate ur curls

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  21. lasanders30
    lasanders30 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Girl you are tripping. Hair was on top of the world with the roller set. But to each one there hair perception is different, glad you tried the style and shared with us to view.

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  22. naturalree81
    naturalree81 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    You had it right the first time

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  23. Tinahgirl83
    Tinahgirl83 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    No offense, but you are a bit too picky!!!! Your roller set was gorgeous. All you needed to do was separate the curls and you would have had perfection! And the roots would have been invisible anyway!

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  24. cocoprissy1
    cocoprissy1 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Your hair is amazeballs!  I think it's hilarious that you were not happy with the majority of your results but I think they are all enviable.  You should give it another chance and actually let all those curls stay! 🙂

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  25. AfroDollBabe
    AfroDollBabe 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Lol dearie I'm dominican, 1-3 times is not enough, you gotta keep trying, practice, practice, practice

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  26. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Thank you so much Diva:-)

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  27. Lesbian Femme Diva
    Lesbian Femme Diva 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I love the realness you brought in this vid…. I love your channel now.

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  28. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Thank you for the suggestions:-) Taren and Jessica are pros!!

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  29. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I didn't even think about styling!! My fault. I think I pulled it back into a pony and called it a day. Next time:-)

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  30. LillyB
    LillyB 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Lol, I thought your roller set looked really good. I wish you would have styled it just to let us see what it looked like,

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  31. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I love your channel name!!

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  32. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    LoL 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement:-)

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  33. Cerra Bellum
    Cerra Bellum 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    You're a trooper. It's so funny to see you being so real. Your hair is beautiful.

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  34. charrece1
    charrece1 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Actually I really liked your hair! I think it turned out cute. If it were me, I personally would have rocked the bantu knot's. Don't give up on the roller sets thoe. lol

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  35. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23


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  36. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I'll try it out in rows!! That will for sure get rid of the mess that happens in the back!! I found out tension is best but I just be struggling!! LoL

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  37. xy11xy
    xy11xy 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Don't give up on the roller sets. The more you do them, the more skilled you'll become..each one will be better, smoother than the last. Try to put them in in a row. eg. in the back, part a rectangular section down the middle and put the rollers in like train tracks..all in a row. You'll get them closer to each other and avoid the roots. Also, apply some tension to get the hair smooth.

    It looked great!

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  38. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    The soaking wet hair suggestion is something I need to incorporate into the roller set routine. The rat tail comb too!! I love the way my hair comes out when using the Ampro Clear Ice!! I just might give this a go…*sigh* Thanks for the help:-)

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  39. musigirl11
    musigirl11 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Dont worry dear, i have been trying to rollerset since age eight hashtag dominican problems, you need to make sure to keep hair tight and wet (thats what she said), then you also need to keep trying, use a really thin comb, not a denman brush, try using a serum and setting lotion mixed with water to saturate the hair, prostyle gel is good for that too, happy rolling!

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  40. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    LMAO!!!!! This had me dying!!!!!

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  41. Bria West
    Bria West 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Gurl shuddup my rollers were lookin to up from da flo up, your rollers picked my rollers butt

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  42. N. Napoleoni
    N. Napoleoni 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    It would probably be easier if your rollers were wider. Either way it came out better than anything I've done! haha!

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  43. brebre2sweet09
    brebre2sweet09 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    love the video… Subscribe! lol

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  44. Andrea Alexander
    Andrea Alexander 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    I tried to do my rollerset twice it took me like 2 hours. And it still didnt look right. I just gave up on rollersetting I feel ur pain girl

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  45. teeahtate
    teeahtate 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    looked cute to me

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  46. SpiralsAndLife
    SpiralsAndLife 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    That is me speaking:-) In the editing world I think they call it a voice over.

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  47. liquidblue
    liquidblue 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    is that your friend taping you [ who is speaking ] ?

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  48. princessfam
    princessfam 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    OMG!! I have the EXACT same hair as you do, my hair is natural too and my roller sets (even when I go to the salon) come out grandma-ish. My curls always end up super tight too. I would appreciate any tips to get my hair to loosen after a tragic roller set.

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  49. BeeNicia
    BeeNicia 17 July, 2017, 15:23

    Ohhh…i think i have a good tip…i think if you use wider rollers it'll be easier 🙂

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