Maxglam Hair Brazilian Body Wave Styling Tutorial Using Flexi Rods – Straight vs Curly

Hey glams, Look how Ashley Slayed Maxglam Brazlian Body Wave! No hair out closure method, straightening and curling are used! Get Nice Maxglam Hair, Slay it with Ashley!

Brazilian body wave:

Brazilian Body Wave closure:

Brazilian body wave with closure:


|| Original Video Comes From @ashleydbeauty ||

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  1. Kadisha tianna
    Kadisha tianna 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    I have Brazilian body wave I try using flexi rods I just founded out I need bigger ones

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  2. Trenelle
    Trenelle 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    would this hair last long term? I tend to use hair up to a year!

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  3. Lu'prela Jackson
    Lu'prela Jackson 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    Is This Hair Really Good ? Cause Im Looking For Goos Hair To Order On Aliexpress & This Looks Good Just Need To Know If This Hair Is Really Worth It

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  4. Cierra Deberry
    Cierra Deberry 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    Check out my new hair page on Ig @herdiamondz affordable virgin hair

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  5. misterred428
    misterred428 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    What are those curlers called ?

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  6. johanna crist
    johanna crist 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    Did it keep the curl after you straighten it out?

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  7. Raysa Santana
    Raysa Santana 19 February, 2017, 06:23

    Hi beautiful! I've loved this video!! Keep it going and never stop you are doing good!! I'm always willing to support if you need any type of help or you want a collaboration you can count on me!! If you check out my channel and like it, subscribe and let me know I'll definitely subscribe back. 🙂 Thank you for your time and let's be friends and support each other here. If you have time follow me on my Instagram @raysitta & Twitter @RaysaSantanaa & SnapChat @raysitta😘 I really appreciate!! Hugs & Kisses💜

    Like I said before great video you have here…Keep up with the hard work you are doing sweetie little pie😉!🙈
    -X.O.X.O Raysa Santana💄💋

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