Lets Talk: Why Men Don’t Want Black Women

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Lets Talk: Why Men Don’t Want Black Women

The Video– http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZoy0HGKRuI


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  1. Antonio Vega
    Antonio Vega 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    She's got a real nice mouth. I mean real nice. I'm fapping to this video while it's on mute. Just watching her mouth

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  2. Jeremy Golan
    Jeremy Golan 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I have two close white friends married to black Ethiopian Jewish women. They tell me there is a difference between Jewish blacks and American blacks. I was told thst American black women are dominant and have a hard time being a partner.

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  3. t johnson
    t johnson 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Black women (for the majority) have big and bad insecurity problems, therefore she is susceptible to be swayed and influenced in the wrong direction, very quickly. Being independent is very bad and it's going to be worst in the near future. Black women need to understand that not to be confused with some man that wants to fuck you and one that wants to love you.

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  4. Autif Malik
    Autif Malik 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Individuals aside, when it comes to general statistics i would say that there are a rediculous amounts of stereotypes. also i dosent help that examples of those stereotypes are highlighted and the majority is ignored.
    We always see baby daddy and baby mama, not husband and wife. the later should be more broadcasted as the norm.
    i don't think it has to do with looks, it has to do with"ghetto" stereotypes.

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  5. Ac1DGoD
    Ac1DGoD 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    3:34 because their noses look smashed in with a hammer & they sound disgusting sounding & they have poop color skin & their voises sound like poopwomen would sound. They have loose as hell pussies & are generally dumb as hell & repeat the same shit over & over a lot of times = to answer your question.

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  6. Linda Goffigan
    Linda Goffigan 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I did not listen to your take on this because of the proclivity to overeat; therefore many black men wants a woman who thinks before she grabs something to eat. You know you can go longer without food than water; ;so why the extra weight.

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  7. Van Pendergrass
    Van Pendergrass 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    my mother is black I love black women that's down to earth but the problem is it's not enough of these kind of women it's a high percentage of Angry bw who's been a single mother and been mistreated by bm and had to take up a male roll but it was all designed by using women's rights movement independence to do what ever a man can do so it's like alot of women wanted this ,oyea the social service systems as well made it to where you don't have to depend on your strong bm nomore in the meantime they destroying the bm killing him off and made it to where bw are more acceptable in society then bm conjure and divide ,bw will call a bm a nigger but she don't feel like you should say that to her but the reality is that You a nigga too to them as well.

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  8. L Brown
    L Brown 23 February, 2017, 23:26


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  9. Hitler's Cat
    Hitler's Cat 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    WE DON'T WANT BLACK WOMEN, BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT AIDS!!!! Don't want to be rude but, that is EXACTLY how we see you!

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  10. Tyson Echenndu
    Tyson Echenndu 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Black women were greedy and materialistic

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  11. Freddie Johnson
    Freddie Johnson 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    i have no problem with black women's im single and never married and never got any kids im rent free lived alone never drink or did any drugs or smoke and i hates club's what im afraid the most is cheating anyone's who cheats may always cheats also one mistake may be all it's takes im a black man and if got to go through alot's of drama i prefer to be alone at least i will be still be healthy and believe me there's nothing like having a healthy lifestyle and working out i never been with a white woman i never been hurt before by any woman i mostly stay to myself because alot's of my classmates died from AIDS and others Diseases and that's made me very afraid because i respect myself as a black man and i don't show the stereotype i can't even walk slow i move like im in a hurry everyday on the job in the grocery store no matter where i go im moving fast even the kids be with their mom's in the grocery store looks at me funny like wow mom's who is that guy because i like to stay fit most black guys walks slow just drag alone well it's seem like everyone be moving slow to me anyway i think alot's of black guys date white women's just to get back at the White man also they used it as a power thing only i can't see myself dating a white i hear alot's of black guys say that alot's of black women's has bad attitude and loud mouth etc. only i really think most black women's meets a guy and fall in love and that guy already the bad guys types anyway you need to looks up why nice guys finish lasts , well i don't call myself a nice guy because women's think that you are too soft i will call myself a good man only not nice guy most black guys with white women's may have been hurt before by black women's so they turns theirs back and went to white women's anyway i loves your video

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  12. Joe Morris
    Joe Morris 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I've dated black women for 3 years. She was/is a wonderful woman. So I don't get it either.

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  13. Mark Spott
    Mark Spott 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Dear Ma'am, You're a lady and therefore the "remarks" about "ALL BLACK WOMEN" doesn't include you are other black ladies as yourself. Those remarks/phase are effigies, oxymoron, euphemisms for those that are the horrible ratchet, uneducated, loud mouths that dishonor themselves, the black community and black women. And they simply don't care because the only thing that matters to them is, "keepin' it real!" Okay, fine! Stay "real" by yourself and with your 4 or 5 kids by 4 different guys all of which are in jail! So you see, these remarks do not apply to you!

    However, the residual effects of their (the ratchet black women) behavior "DOES" have a effect on how "you" dear lady are perceived. Generalizing, profiling, yes…but nature has built that sense or caution into us after experiencing, seeing, noting repeated patterns. As a black male, when I stand in line behind a white/Asian female and I see them shift their purse from beside them to in front of them…I know what at it's about and so do you!Many, Many…ALL black males steals purses from white/Asian women! Yes, I'm offended by that rational, that that and hurt by that action. Because it doesn't reflect me! BUT BEING REALISTIC AND SEEING BLACK MALES STEALING LIKE THIS REPEATEDLY, I completely understand! Hurt, yes! Understand, yes! Rather be hurt than to have them loose their pursebelonging to another purse snatcher!
    Everyone handle it differently! Go to another line! Speak up and say, "lady, if I was a purse snatcher it would be gone by now; they usually smile or laugh), or just stand there and let go since I know they "have a right" to protect their belongings whenever and however they choose! So I know where you are coming from! But that doesn't change the FACTS that"ALL BLACK MALES" snatch purses! Or, "Why Men Don't Want Black Women". The incidents and ratio of Angry Black Women (ABW), ratchet black women to "black ladies" like yourself are astronomical. Can you really see a change coming with the "rap" styling behavior today? If black women conducted themselves like you at a rate of 1000 to 1,black women would be as desirable as any white/Asian female! Hopefully, you're a start as I have seen "many" like yourself that I said, "that's a lady". And be clear, that's not to say,a lady just for "sex", to take advantage of because she has something going in her life or any other abstract reason like that. But a lady which can offer friendship, support, love,a family, a joining of spirits and a happy life…a lady!

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  14. dxmasfamily
    dxmasfamily 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    because of love and hip-hop.

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  15. BP M
    BP M 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Obama looks strong with or without a woman period!!

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  16. WilliamBernard BROWN
    WilliamBernard BROWN 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    The #1 reason why black women are undesirable is because of their lack of accountability which in turns causes arguments. These arguments some times are never ending if the man that's with them just don't say forget it.

    However, just saying forget it just to make peace means that the man that's with them has given up his position as a man and has no leadership in that relationship thereafter. Why? Because if this woman disagrees with anything in the future she now knows that all she has to do is argue about it and she will get her way. This same woman will look at her man as weak and will eventually lose her connection with him and seek an alpha male. Not realizing that she has to become submissive for even the most alpha male for him to be an alpha male.

    It's sad because I am highly attracted to black women. But they don't understand submission so I court Hispanics and Asian women who are a lot more helping to their men and a lot more submissive to them. I once was married to a black woman who equated submission to me wanting her to "kiss my a**". This has to stop.

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  17. LookALittleCloser
    LookALittleCloser 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Vile, rude, disgusting, unapproachable, hostile, antagonistic, combative, stupid, uneducated, racist, sexist, over entitled, arrogant, superficial, materialistic, lazy, disrespectful, disloyal, ugly, smelly, noisy, messy, promiscuous and poverty stricken, yet still exorbitantly over priced. The negroid female defined.

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  18. Zadox reo
    Zadox reo 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I got a question, I wanna know why some black woman talk down to there children?And why do black woman get with white men?

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  19. James Doey
    James Doey 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Maybe men do not want black women because you all keep posting 10s of videos everyday about "Why Men Don't Want Black Women".

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    SEAL TEAMTECH 23 February, 2017, 23:26


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  21. Daniel S Patten Jr
    Daniel S Patten Jr 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I love black women !!!

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  22. adam hurst
    adam hurst 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    White guy here, honestly theyre naturally good looking but a lot of them aren't feminine enough. Also a lot of them don't take care of themselves and they seem pissed off all the time. Also my roommate and friends are black, and they dog the piss out of bw and that kinda plays in my head a lil bit. There's plenty of good black women out there, but the ratchet ones screw up for the them.

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    KENPACHI BLACC 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I think Black women and Black men put too much effort on trying to appeal to other races instead of trying to repair relationships between ourselves. Just my opinion.

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    EVIL VS GOOD 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I'll date you , but we must share the chicken……. OK ?

    Fat ass .

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  25. Keith Nicholson
    Keith Nicholson 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Coupling can be very much about looks, especially when it comes to black women dating black men. Whatever the case, if you don't want a black man, then you don't. Case closed, end of story, just admit it and don't use any politically correct reasons for doing or not doing so.

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  26. Kurt Eric Munroe
    Kurt Eric Munroe 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    A lot of black women are asking why black men do not want them. These same women are forgetting the generations of black women telling her sons AND her daughters, "I don't need a man!" How have those words corrupted her children? How have those words shaped what we are seeing today? Some mothers have taken out their rage on her sons because the innocent sons reminds her of the kid's father she hates, but that she chose. So, a few butt-hurt women have shoved their twisted perceptions onto others simply because they have not thought through their actions and because misery loves company.

    There are some seriously out of control angry women among us. Guys, too. It does not follow that you are allowed to be bitter and creepy just because you had experienced a failed relationship. The public does not deserve to see you displaying your very unattractive filth. I am happy to admit do not know any of these people because I am not stupid enough to allow that type to stay close to me, but I know of them.

    So, bottom line, ignore the hate and the bullshit. If the man or the woman is not on his or her game then stop talking to them. That is the first step in correcting all the crap. Cut the "he was nice in the beginning" bullshit. Stop making babies with bad (or stupid) people just to cry about your poor decisions to the next person down the road; or worse, to your children. Be educated and respectable. That is different from just seeking higher academic experience. That also means stop being mean, nasty, loud, argumentative, petty, glued to reality TV, allergic to novels, fearful of the gym, repulsed by outdoor sports, turned off by museums, plays, and family fun. Be pleasant and then there will no longer be questions about black love.

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  27. Kurt Eric Munroe
    Kurt Eric Munroe 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    If you want to limit the discussion to your own personal experiences then you have to change the title to "Why don't men want me?" Otherwise, it is misleading to suggest black men do not want black women.

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  28. Mr T-O-P
    Mr T-O-P 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    That is a lie. EVERYBODY loves black women.

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  29. whoo else
    whoo else 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    uhhh she just spent over 3 mins talking bs before she got to the subject smh.

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  30. Mfalme Dome
    Mfalme Dome 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    African Americans are breeding out.They will be done 2050.

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  31. Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    1. You're rude
    2. You argue
    3. You're controlling
    4. Non supportive
    5. You nag a lot
    6. Aggressive
    7. Obnoxious
    8. Lack of femininity
    9. Wear too much weaves
    10. Dominate in the relationship

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  32. StAn.wwwleecom. Heard
    StAn.wwwleecom. Heard 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    stop talking down babe because i love my black ladys if i can have a 100 black womens ill take them all my love is for all ladys but god say one is all u get en hope she be come the wife. aka love someone.

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  33. Chavonne Lawson
    Chavonne Lawson 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    black women are the way they are dominating controlling and assertive why because that's what we have always had to be my whole family is run my women but I don't want that for my life I want a man to be able to lead me but there is a shortage of fathers for our young black males and that leads to them not being able to be real men and of course I know it's not just black women who are hood rats and ghetto and who wear weave and twerk they ass or fight the media portrays us that way u can't say all black women because you haven't met all black women

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  34. SkaMasta097
    SkaMasta097 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I had an idea. Could it be that black American women and men are generally tough and hostile as a maladaptive behavior against their mistreatment throughout history i.e. slavery, Jim crow, racism, etc. in order to survive? Even though slavery and Jim crow are over, the culture gets passed down. The "attitude" seems more of a cultural thing peculiar to America rather than a racial thing, since recent African immigrants do not seem to have the same attitude. African men are just as easy going as white american men, and African women are generally feminine. Not to say there aren't dorky black American guys or super girly black American women, because I've seen plenty of both.

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  35. Limerickman
    Limerickman 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    The Democrats Jim Crow Laws nor their Democrats KKK nor the Democrats Slavery did not destroy the US Black Communities. On every metric of the US Black communities even poor Blacks, they had a better family and community cohesion than Whites, up to the time they first were allowed to have welfare. It was the Democrats welfare of president Johnston (who party members were part of the KKK at that time) that Black women started throwing Black fathers out of the home in exchange to get welfare and free housing. It became known as the Judas act. The Next Generation of poor black women did the same thing, and disrespect for each other have fallen with each generations and Violence is high in the community and their communities became gethos, and their children far dumber from lack of proper education and fall into crime gangs. Trust between the genders breaks down.

    It was ironic, that when the Democrats were full on racists, that Black communities were strong. Today the blacks are weak because of women dependence of the drug of welfare. Other poor women from other ethnic groups are following suit to the race to the bottom of society with free money.

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  36. Power BlacksUnited
    Power BlacksUnited 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Men love submissive women
    It's a scientific fact

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  37. sidearmsalpha
    sidearmsalpha 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I think black women are the hottest women but the attitude and entitlement issues a lot of them have are a MAJOR turn off. My last gf was half black and she had a major attitude, always felt she was right, was bossy, a selfish prude who only wanted her to be satisfied sexually and was unaffectionate, was shallow, and the list goes on.

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  38. k0d0kan
    k0d0kan 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    One word. Drama… it a major turn off.

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  39. Eden D
    Eden D 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Black pussy stink

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  40. Bonus Fombo
    Bonus Fombo 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    Majority of people from different races marry from their ethnic groups. Only a minority marry outside their race.

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  41. James Charles
    James Charles 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    In my own opinion black woman has a problem with authority and always like to fight for that authority.

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  42. Tabatha Johnson
    Tabatha Johnson 23 February, 2017, 23:26

    I don't date black men

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