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Kate finally does a hair and makeup tutorial! She has been asking for weeks and we finally made it happen!!

Paint Color on Kate’s Walls: Gray: https://www.sherwin-williams.com/homeowners/color/find-and-explore-colors/paint-colors-by-family/SW7016-mindfulgray#/7016/?s=coordinatingColors&p=PS0
White: High Hyde White (It’s extra white base with 3 oz of white pigment added) It is the best white color ever!!

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  1. Sasslette
    Sasslette 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Oh my gosh how sweet is Kate and her expert make-up and hair tutorial! Yes Kate you are a 'double woman' indeed!

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  2. courtenay scott
    courtenay scott 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate you are a natural vlogger and makeup artist just like your aunts.they are all good at makeup and hair-ruby from 8 passengers,bonnie hoellin,julie from Deru crew and ellie from ellie and jared.yes im a fan of your whole fam and love when u all get together kate is a beauty .is that henry i hear in the background? Kate did so well even with Henry's noise in the background lol if it were me id be yelling at my sib lol im so impressed with her doing her own hair .i think thats so much harder

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  3. duckyone20
    duckyone20 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    how stinking adorable! great job Kate!

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  4. Keely Edmondson
    Keely Edmondson 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Were did u get the bed covers? She is so cuteπŸ’–πŸ˜˜πŸ˜

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  5. Lauren Kessler
    Lauren Kessler 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate and Henry are the cutest!

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  6. piache nana
    piache nana 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    aww Kate … you are a doll. May God bless you little maman. moua from France.

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  7. jstokes78
    jstokes78 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    This is just soooo cute!!!! She is absolutely adorable! I have 2 boys so this made me want a girl 😩

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  8. Twinks *
    Twinks * 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Well done Kate 😊

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  9. daisystar25970
    daisystar25970 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Such a cutie

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  10. Aqua Teal
    Aqua Teal 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate is the best professional makeup artist I know, she did an amazing gob

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  11. Linda Gaddie
    Linda Gaddie 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate did a great job. So much fun seeing her do that. I have missed your vlogs, very much. As, I know allot of people have. Please vlog a little more. For one, I love seeing the kids growing up. I love you all.

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  12. Jenny Winget
    Jenny Winget 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate has the prettiest hair and the cutest personality ever.

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  13. LOVE Lyss
    LOVE Lyss 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    She's a natural in front of the camera! Great job Kate!

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  14. Alma Flores
    Alma Flores 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    I love it Kate!I learn a lot from your tutorial,keep them coming.

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  15. Rhonda Ouwenga
    Rhonda Ouwenga 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    "I'm a double woman! " lol

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  16. Bella Bellabella
    Bella Bellabella 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    That was the most darling tutorial ever! πŸ’–
    I think Kate is a real Princess πŸ‘‘. She's a beauty.
    Kate's going to take after her Aunt Bonnie. πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ
    Thank you for sharing with us Kate, I loved the eye
    Shadow color and your head bow was beautiful. πŸ’„πŸ’…πŸΌπŸ’‹

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  17. mommy loves makeup
    mommy loves makeup 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    amazing KateπŸ˜™

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  18. Donna Penn
    Donna Penn 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Absolutely adorable! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  19. Taylor Charbonneau
    Taylor Charbonneau 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate is adorable ❀️

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  20. Erin Morse
    Erin Morse 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    So sweet! Could you link the bedding and paint color?

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  21. SandyzSerious
    SandyzSerious 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Excellent Kate.

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  22. Shelby Hites
    Shelby Hites 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Aww, great job Kate!! You're such a sweetheart!

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  23. Anja Bakker
    Anja Bakker 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ŠGreat Kate

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  24. Chloe V
    Chloe V 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    She is so cute. It will be so nice for her to look back on this someday when she's a teenager.

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  25. The Six Silvas
    The Six Silvas 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    OMG how precious is she!?!?😭😭😭😻

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  26. Sarah 803
    Sarah 803 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Well done Kate!☺️

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  27. Alisha Rauf
    Alisha Rauf 18 July, 2017, 09:41


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  28. Caitlin Parsons
    Caitlin Parsons 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Aww she's a sweetheart

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  29. Nico Alcock
    Nico Alcock 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    Kate so adorable

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  30. Calvin Liu
    Calvin Liu 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    love you

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  31. Augustus Green
    Augustus Green 18 July, 2017, 09:41

    great tutorial, Kate!

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