Ingrown Hair Removal – How To Treat Ingrown Hair permanently

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Ingrown Hair Removal – How To Treat Ingrown Hair permanently —

Ingrown Hair irritates the skin. It produces a raised, red bump that looks like a little pimple. Ingrown hair can be itchy and uncomfortable. You may notice pus inside the bump and the hair inside is the main reason. Many things are there which can cure ingrown hair into the skin. In this video we are going to discuss about the permanently removal of ingrown hair. If you like this video then share it with your friends on social media. Take care.

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Home Remedies For Ingrown Hair:-
1. Potato Peels:-
Starch is present in the potato which help to draw out the hair. Potatoes can also help to cure the inflammation caused by the ingrown hairs. Get the peel and cover the affected area from inside. Leave it for some hours.
2. Tea Tree Oil:-
This oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that helps in avoiding infections in the ingrown hairs. Dilute five drops of tea tree oil with tablespoons of distilled water. Clean the area and apply the oil on affected area.
3. Honey:-
Honey has antibacterial properties that protect the ingrown hair from getting infected. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to cure the area and reducing swelling. Apply the honey on the irritated area directly. Leave it for few minutes and then wash it off.
4. Aloe Vera:-
Aloe vera has been used for a long time in healing a lot of skin related ailments. It is a best cure for ingrown hair. It relieves inflammation and has a cooling effect on the area. Apply the aloe vera on the affected area directly. Leave it off for few hours and then wash it off.
5. Apple Cider Vinegar:-
This also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which help to get rid of inflammation and prevent infection on the skin. Use a cotton ball to apply apple cider vinegar on the affected area.

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