Husband Prefers Long Hair, But Wife Lets Stylist Chop It All Off Anyway

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Husband Prefers Long Hair, But Wife Lets Stylist Chop It All Off Anyway

Paula’s husband prefers her with long hair, but the wife has put it quite frankly that she doesn’t care. Paula felt as though her hair had gotten out of control, so she decided to let Christopher Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy,” do whatever he saw fit with it.

It’s pretty brave to put your entire appearance in someone else’s hands, but Paula’s cool and collected attitude made her the perfect client. She completely trusted the experts, and the results are fantastic.

“I just need something done with this hair; it’s so out of control and I don’t know what to do with it,” she said.

Paula had been growing her hair long for three years; it had previously been cut above her ears. She felt it was time for some change again.

Christopher commented that a shorter hairdo would allow her to show off her eyes. He combed her hair back and made the big chop. The stylist gave her lighter blonde hair with blonde highlights and a short bob.

Paula looked like a new woman — she didn’t even recognize herself!

“Who is this? I didn’t think it could be done,” she said. “This was so much fun, everyone should do it. I look forward to going to work tomorrow. I looked pretty rough for a while.”

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