How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized at ALL TIMES & Retain Length!

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Hey guys! In today’s video I’m going to share with you how I keep my natural hair moisturized at all times and tell you why keeping your hair moisturized is the key to retaining length! This technique that I do is great for people with low porosity hair! If you have normal to high porosity hair just add a thick cream before twisting. Always remember that moisture is the key to retaining length for especially for my 3c and beyond girls and guys! Comment “no more dry hair” in the comment section if you are reading this!

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Thanks for watching How to Keep Natural Hair Moisturized at ALL TIMES & Retain Length!

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  1. Simply Flawless
    Simply Flawless 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I feel like this is what blue ivy might look like when she's older

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  2. La'Tasha Williams
    La'Tasha Williams 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    You have beautiful hair!

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  3. Prettylilmiss
    Prettylilmiss 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    OMG that hair looks so healthy! My hair always looks dry and frizzy

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  4. Bridgette Crane
    Bridgette Crane 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    No more dry hair!

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  5. Jasmine White
    Jasmine White 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Was your hair blow dryer before you braided it?

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  6. D'Nise Reese
    D'Nise Reese 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Your hair is so beautiful and long! I can appreciate that as I continue on my own natural hair journey. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  7. Tracey Hawkins
    Tracey Hawkins 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    you look like beyonces daughter….nice video

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  8. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Thank God for ytube! You know how much time and money these videos savvvve?! Woooow! I went to the beauty store to get one product and when I got there I stayed almost an hour trying to read the ingredients and compare price points and volume of product. When I came to your videos it was like winning the Lottery! I was able to see what the products I had been curious about work. Also, your commentaries are legendary. Okay, I type a lot, but thank you so much! It is not so clear when this is your first time going au natural in a city like NYC when curly hair is not seen as beautiful by many people. It is like this pressure to have long straight hair that flows in the wind, especially for women and gay men. Merci

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  9. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    The twist outs are the truth. It saves time and those single knots are fewer. It also looks pleasing and gives a polished look for work.

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  10. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I'm already a subscriber!🍷

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  11. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I almost forgot! Your hair is absolutely gorgeouuuuuussssss!

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  12. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I'm new at this. I am only 4 months in. Yeah I know it will take time to find what products work. So far I did found a leave in conditioner! Now I need the right curl definer. I have 3a 3c/b mixed hair. So, not everything has worked because they leave my hair dry. So, I got an idea from watching your videos to add olive oil to these products and it actually made a huge difference. Diy is the way to go sometimes!🐸

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  13. Turqoise Scepter
    Turqoise Scepter 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I'm sitting here with dry hair. So no more dry hair. Thank you for sharing these tips and reminders. Thumbs up!

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  14. XAudreyS
    XAudreyS 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    your hair is so beautiful!!!
    hair goals!

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  15. AspiringBeamOfLight
    AspiringBeamOfLight 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    The video content was great as usual, but the editing really stood out to me! Great job girl!

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  16. amethystangel23
    amethystangel23 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    no more dry hair!!

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  17. Markia Hayes
    Markia Hayes 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Your hair is so beautiful! I need to stop being lazy with mines so it can get long like yours 😍

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  18. Latawana wood
    Latawana wood 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    she's so cute

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  19. Depths Of My Soul
    Depths Of My Soul 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Beautiful hair!

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  20. Edith Gursel
    Edith Gursel 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    I am

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  21. ajwa boateng
    ajwa boateng 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    simply beautiful!

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  22. Liesely Sunny
    Liesely Sunny 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    no more dry hair

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  23. Dr. Simple Beauty 300
    Dr. Simple Beauty 300 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    That's EXACTLY how I do my hair every night too. I flat twist the front to get definition starting from the front part. Beautiful hair!

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  24. emiiee cx
    emiiee cx 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Loc doesnt work for my hair ugh

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  25. Jeanny Kabeya
    Jeanny Kabeya 6 July, 2017, 14:23

    Hi dear, how can i get the product u use on your hair beside water . I'm in south Africa. pls give me the name of the product to promote hair growth and loc

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