How Many Hair Grafts Do I Need For Hair Transplant? Hair Transplant Before and After

Have you ever wondered how many hair grafts you’ll be needing for a hair transplant? If so, look no further! I will show you guys an easy way to approximate how much follicular unit hairs you will need for a hair transplant.

The average density per cm square on a non-balding head is between 80-100 follicular units. Assuming each follicular unit has 2 hairs, that is roughly between 160 to 200 hairs per square cm.

Most hair transplant doctors tell patients that it takes about 50% hair loss in order to start appearing like you are thinning. As a result, most hair transplant doctors try to achieve the density between 50-60 follicular units per cm. Stay tuned and see how YOU can calculate your own hair grafts BEFORE going to a hair transplant clinic to prevent yourself from getting ripped off!

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Welcome to my Youtube channel the Hair Transplant Guru. In this channel, I will be taking you on a journey of my FUE hair transplant progress. Towards the end of November 2016, I had a 1700 FUE hair transplant done in South Korea to lower my hairline and to fill in my receding temples. The FUE hair transplant procedure took me about 7-8 hours to complete and cost me approximately $5500 USD.

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Products I am using to supplement my FUE hair transplant:

1. Finasteride 1mg/day (generic brand for Propecia/Proscar) – Finasteride is approved by the FDA for male pattern baldness and is effective in slowing hair loss for men.

2. Biotin 10,000mcg/day – Biotin is effective in thickening hair, nails, and beautifying the skin. I’ve noticed thicker and stronger hair after using Biotin for the past few months.

3. Vitamin D 3,000IU/day – Vitamin D helps maintain a healthy body

4. Minoxidil (Rogaine) – Minoxidil slows hair loss progression and promotes hair regrowth. I’ve noticed that using Minoxidil helped me grow my transplanted hairs a lot more quicker.

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