Hair Loss & Plasma Rich Protein (PRP) Treatment for Men & Women

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Hair loss is a huge problem today. I have so many male and female patients who suffer from hair loss, and don’t realize that there are simple and effective ways to treat this. What I do is I bring you into the office and we do a formal evaluation. We look at your hair, your skin, your nails. We draw blood, and we determine what the cause of your hair loss is.

There are many different reasons, ranging from autoimmune, to genetic, to hormonal reasons, and we have to figure out what the best treatment is based on why you’re losing your hair. A lot of my patients are looking for a more natural way to treat this hair loss, and the answer is PRP (platelet rich plasma). PRP has been a game changer for patients who want non-surgical, holistic approach to treating their hair loss.

What we do for PRP is that we take your blood, much as you would a simple blood test. We then centrifuge the blood, and remove out the platelet rich plasma, again, the PRP, which has your natural growth factors in there. What these do, these stimulate and regenerate new hairs in your scalp. So I will bring you into the office, and we’ll do three PRP treatments into the scalp. We come in, we numb you topically for a few minutes – 30 minutes later, we will inject you with the PRP directly into the scalp. It doesn’t hurt. There’s no downtime. You can go back to work the same day.

It’s amazing, because it’s a non-surgical, non-chemical, natural way to stimulate your body’s own cells to produce hair, and that’s why it’s become so appealing to so many patients.

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