Hair Loss on Dogs: Causes and Cures Of Hair Loss on Dog

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Hair Loss on dog is a so common problem that almost every owner confronts with his dog once a year. (Here is the Link – ) There are lots of different causes. That have been tried to discussed below in a very concise manner . Sometimes hair loss on dog become so recurring that owner get exhausted spends large amount after the dog’s treatment. if you know how do these problem arise you may find some solution too. Here I have given some clues on how to treat and cure common hair loss on dog problem in your home with very natural ingredients.

Hair Loss on Dogs: Typical Causes and Treatments. There are lots of reasons pet dogs might lose hair (likewise called alopecia), from infection to inflammation due to parasites. A few of the more typical reasons consist of:

Allergies are a frequent trigger for hair loss in pets. Like people, pet dogs can have an allergic reaction to foods, ecological triggers such as pollen, or to parasites like fleas or mites.

Cushing’s Disease
Loss of hair in dogs may likewise be caused by hyperadrenocorticism, or Cushing’s condition, a condition caused by the overproduction of the hormone cortisol. Less commonly, it is because of a growth on one of the adrenal glands.

Some pet dogs are more prone to baldness than others. Bald spots on the outer ear, chest, back, thighs, or lower neck may appear in greyhounds, whippets, Chihuahuas, dachshunds, and Italian grey hounds, usually after their very first year.

Infection or Problem (Ringworm, ectoparasites).
Ringworm fungi, ectoparasites like mange mites, and bacteria can all cause infections that may ultimately cause bald spots on your dog.

Pressure Sores.
Older or heavy canines can be prone to pressure sores where their elbows or other bony parts of the body come in regular contact with tough surfaces. In time the consistent pressure has the tendency to thicken the skin, the hair falls out, and calluses form.

Insect bites and stings, medications, plants, chemicals, even hair shampoos can trigger some dogs to develop a rash or hives, which can lead to bald spots.

Foreign body reaction.
Glass, thorns, even a canine’s own coarse hair can all trigger inflammation and bald spots if they lodge in your canine’s skin.

Post-clipping alopecia.
For some pets, particularly densely-coated types like the Alaskan malamute, Siberian husky, and keeshond, clipping– for instance in preparation for surgical treatment– can cause consistent bald areas.

Try to use natural treatment protocols at home for hair loss on dog. These methods are harmless and very much effective. Save your dog from harmful chemicals administration.

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