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hi I’m Kunal I am working at sapient which is an MNC a base built in us and it’s in digital marketing domain my hair fall began in around four years back when I was preparing for my 12th standard entrance exam and the hair fall became a bit more as the day passes at that moment I realized that there is I have a tendency of mpv which is male pattern baldness it depends to person to person if you are too much worried about your physical appearance than it matters very much because you won’t be able to show your confidence to the people and you will always be fuel of us feel nervous when interacting with individuals one on the fine Sunday morning my dad saw an ad in a newspaper it was a full-page ad and in that it was mentioned that Berkowitz opening shortly inflatable so my dad he called me up and is he told me to just look at the ad when I did a bit of research about the Berkowitz I find it they have a right side of dermatologists and so I thought it’s good to go and have a try and if they can help me regain my loss here then it will be good for me on the first day the hair expert David there took the snap of my bad area of the particular the crown area and they suggested me that I should under undergo the mesotherapy and the stem serum treatment and so it was a 15-6 sitting treatment and right now it’s four months and the experience has been good and people arehere professional so the hair expert
advice is only regular basis so the treatment which is currently underway and he also he also keeps a case study of each and every patient and he he is eager to tell the suggestions which we have to follow in order that the results can be better out of the 15 settings which were planned for me for Miss Earth happiest MCM treatment I have undergone 12 sitting still now and my satisfaction level is around seventy percent now I
don’t have to just keep on looking to the mirror that I am I present table or not it builds it takes a bit of you can say confidence to did with the people in day-to-day life and also I feel happy from my inner self after the treatment I can see that density of my hair is increasing on a regular basis and also I can observe tiny hairs coming out of the posts and in the future probably they will become fully grown adult here I thanks bug of it for understanding my problem and providing with the correct solution for it and i hope that i will get rid of this problem very soon. Thanks

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