GOT MY DREAM HAIR! Brazilian Keratin Treatment Vlog

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♡ Yes this was filmed 5 months ago and sadly my hair is pretty much back to normal now (though i will say it’s not as frizzy as before) However i will be doing a Q&A Video explaining my experience and answering any questions you guys have ! xXx

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  1. Eilish Warnes
    Eilish Warnes 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    How much did this cost if you don't mind me asking? I've been looking for this everywhere but can never find the treatment in the uk 😭

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  2. Charlene Williams
    Charlene Williams 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Is it damaging?

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  3. Charlene Williams
    Charlene Williams 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    I'm so happy for you 🙂 What a lovely birthday present

    Reply this comment
  4. Princess Mia
    Princess Mia 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Hair goals omg is this damaging i have a kit at home..

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  5. Rosie Hancock
    Rosie Hancock 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Please make a video about your flat mate!? She seems like a bitch 😒 x

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  6. Uncle Dave's prolapsed hole
    Uncle Dave's prolapsed hole 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Not gonna lie in the thumbnail I thought your hair now was the hair of a megan doll haha

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  7. Mia Gomora
    Mia Gomora 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    watching the two yous swish ur hair at the same time was extremely satisfying

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  8. Noa Strupler
    Noa Strupler 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    wow i didn't even know this existed 😻

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  9. Catherine Creighton
    Catherine Creighton 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Did it change the thickness of your hair? Xx missed your hair updates by the way

    Reply this comment
  10. Denisa Rick
    Denisa Rick 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    it is amazing ❤❤❤ love it

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  11. Have a magical day
    Have a magical day 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Wow my hair only looks like that when straightened😍 doesn't it loose alot of the volume afterwards? I always straighten my hair upwards to get volume

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  12. Kyra Rachelle
    Kyra Rachelle 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    It looks lovely! ❤️

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  13. Amibby1
    Amibby1 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    more vlogs, please 😀

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  14. Gabby
    Gabby 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    how much was this? how long does it last? 🙂

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  15. jansethbriggith
    jansethbriggith 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Omg so cute your hair ❤️ I love it

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  16. Tammy Annika
    Tammy Annika 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Your hair looks amazing. 🙌🏻♥️ since you did this in February, how is your hair now? Did it last?

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  17. WY Beh
    WY Beh 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Very pretty Isabelle !!! around how much do you spend on this keratin treatment? thank you.

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  18. Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    does that mean your legal now?

    Reply this comment
  19. Rebeca Diaz
    Rebeca Diaz 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Very shiny ❤️ please keep us updated on your hair.

    Reply this comment
  20. Corey Chatman
    Corey Chatman 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Your hair looks good on you. Thanks love.

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  21. Alexandra Vicuna-Perry
    Alexandra Vicuna-Perry 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    It looks gorgeous

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  22. Unknown Name
    Unknown Name 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Keep us updated… please! 💕

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  23. Bill M
    Bill M 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    So gorgeous…thanks for sharing…you inspire and educate! ♥

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  24. Tristan Smith
    Tristan Smith 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Daaamn… looking good! I really hope your instructor saw the value of you maintaining those beautiful locks and didn't give you a hard time about it. besides it's a movement class and your hair looks so amazing when it moves ☄

    Reply this comment
  25. Meghan LR
    Meghan LR 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    omg it looks so good! it made such a big difference on your ends!

    Reply this comment
  26. 52lovelight
    52lovelight 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Looks beautiful! Silky! So happy for you!!

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  27. Wilmar Rosa
    Wilmar Rosa 15 July, 2017, 00:54

    Brasil i love you.

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