Fashion Design Sketchbook to Draw Designs for Disney Descendants Evie Coloring Toy

If you like Disney Descendants stuff, check out this fashion design sketchbook for Evie. In this video we play a dress up game with Evie from Descendants. If you enjoy Descendants toys and dress up dolls, you will like this sketchbook.

The sketchbook comes with several stencils to draw Evie fashions, it includes stickers with shoes and other accessories for Evie. It also comes with a section for Mal but I made another video with fashions for Mal so this will only have fashions for Evie.

If you want to see the fashion designs for Mal, check out the video right here

About Disney Descendants
Disney Descendants are the children of the most famous Disney characters. They are divided into two groups the children of the villains and the children of the good characters. The villains live in the Island of the Lost. The main characters are Mal, Maleficent’s daughter, Evie, the Evil Queen’s daughter, Carlos, Cruella’s son, and Jay, Jafar’s son. And the children of the princesses and other good characters live in Auradon, Belle and Adam’s kingdom. They are Ben, the son of Beauty and the Beast and future king of Auradon, Audrey, daughter of Aurora, Chad, Cinderella’s son, Doug, Dopey’s son, Jane, the fairy Godmother’s daughter, and Lonnie, Mulan’s daughter. Ben decides he wants to give the villains’ children a chance to study at Auradon Prep. He ends up falling in love with Maleficent’s daughter, Mal.

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