Fake Bangs How To

Fake Bangs How To

A quick look-see instructional on how to fit fake bangs

Get your Faux Bangs at:

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  1. A Lee
    A Lee 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    It only looks weird because of her layers

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  2. Josie Maisey
    Josie Maisey 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Sorry but it looks awful!! SORRY!!!xxxx

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  3. Alia AA
    Alia AA 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    they look fake try the jessica simpson's they are way better than those.

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  4. calliechick
    calliechick 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    i think its a joke, if not, they need help.

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  5. MindlessMuch101
    MindlessMuch101 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    EWLK! WTF IS THAT! that mustache look better then this CRAP!

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  6. Selena Torrealba
    Selena Torrealba 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    bunk ass looking bangs! &&that girl thought she looked all good rock'N then fake ass bangs! ewww!!

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  7. Yesak01
    Yesak01 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    pretty lame! they look FAKE!

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  8. Autumn Davis
    Autumn Davis 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    That was NOT cute.. just sayin:)

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  9. Evol Tola
    Evol Tola 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    I heard The Heroin Shop

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  10. estevens2011
    estevens2011 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    yeah…a normal person would start with a center part for bangs like that…so the hair falls evenly on both sides…that side part thing just looks weird…

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  11. Pineapple girl
    Pineapple girl 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    You're beautiful as always, Stevie.

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  12. maria mariaz
    maria mariaz 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    where have i seen that lady before???

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  13. Bamadrid11
    Bamadrid11 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    If u didn't like the video then don't put a comment retards

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  14. lilacfunk
    lilacfunk 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @emmynikki Plus the model's whole hair is extensions.

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  15. Dolan Kang
    Dolan Kang 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    bangs are hawt

    ""What type of instructionals would you like to see?"" Instructions on how to get to your heart.

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  16. AliPrince
    AliPrince 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    well, its is pretty fake, good work!! XD

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  17. vivi is a pony
    vivi is a pony 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    this is the kind of vid where the word "FAIL" is appropriately used

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  18. riokins
    riokins 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    .. lol it's pronounced "foe."

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  19. Lilly Abila
    Lilly Abila 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    hahaha, ever heard about that you can maybe make it look less fake?

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  20. Doctor Mcbongo
    Doctor Mcbongo 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Is this supposed to be a joke? xD

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  21. Yalda Khoja
    Yalda Khoja 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    That just look stupid.! Sorry..

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  22. chizzlemang
    chizzlemang 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @chizzlemang and furthermore i have REAL bangs with super long hair and get told i have a wig on all the time and have to pull my hair to show ppl its my real hair and let them look for tracks…so whateverz

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  23. chizzlemang
    chizzlemang 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    whatever i think it looks great! with proper styling over the bangs u cant see the seam. stupid people dissing..she looks fabulous. why would she do a joke with harroin salon? youre basicallly dissing the best salon in the usa.

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  24. BumbleBee886
    BumbleBee886 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    lol super fake.

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  25. warclassics
    warclassics 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    they wouldn't look so bad if those two long pieces of hair weren't trying to cover the seam across the extension. they'd probably look better if they were done as sidebangs… but not straight across. it's a nice idea though. 🙂

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  26. J.P
    J.P 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    I think they looked fine? Not the best but those are impossible to make look really real.

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  27. Lalaloveeee
    Lalaloveeee 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Those are god awful

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  28. l80sman104
    l80sman104 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    her upper teeth cannot be ignored. It basically makes the difference between her being a model and a comedian.

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  29. Hellsing94071
    Hellsing94071 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @whatsthis693 word!

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  30. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy awwww you almost looked like you had a reason to make such a fuss. this is all about my music comment? hahahaha! i thought this was your video. now you look like an even BIGGER moron! ok i'm done now…

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  31. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy are you going to respond to all of the other people who said it sucked as well? because you have PLENTY of other comments to choose from. obviously i do not stand alone in my opinion. looks like you're going to be up all night going to each persons profile to find something about them to deflect from your embarrassment. i suggest you take the good with the bad.

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  32. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy you're wrong. i have commented on one other video in my entire life. so don't justify the fact that you go out of your way to respond swiftly to negative comments from perfect strangers, by telling me i like to make comments on vids i dont like. i was just compelled to point out how silly this video looks and how it makes me laugh to think the people in it are actually being serious about that awful fake bang look.

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  33. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy haha ok that makes sense. i wrote a comment on THIS video, and you go to MY profile to see what i have posted so you can retort. that's very 5th grade of you. would you like to come to my house and make fun of my furniture while you're at it?

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  34. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy who said anything about 1967?

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  35. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    @WhoTFisLeroy GET MAD!! If you don't want opinions, keep off the internet sweetcheecks!!!

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  36. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    that chick doing the bangs reminds me of Kirsten Dunst, bad teeth and all. the other looks like a drag queen.

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  37. songbirdsiren1976
    songbirdsiren1976 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    this looks terrible. if i wanted to look like i had a rough night, maybe i would do this. you can totally see the top of the fake bangs sticking out. she looks like a crazy person!! hahaha! what a waste of time this video was…
    btw ladies, this is 2010, not 1936. you can lose the old time music. it only makes this video even more ridiculous.

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  38. Kinzie
    Kinzie 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    The bangs look cute and they're good if you don't actually want to have bangs all the time. I feel like the piece needs 2 side clips also with the 1 middle clip. I think that would help them stay on better?

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  39. Shelby Brown
    Shelby Brown 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Yeah The Bangs Look Really Fake
    If You Want Them Like That Why Not Go Get Them Cut?
    Instead Of Buying Fake Bangs? xD

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  40. cformonkeyz
    cformonkeyz 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    fail. idont like them at all in

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  41. skelwen07
    skelwen07 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Stevie is gorgeous but these fake bangs look like garbage.

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  42. fierceferosh
    fierceferosh 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    when you suck all the air out of a bottle and it suction cups to your mouth what makes that mark go away it looks like a bad hickey

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  43. ex yzee
    ex yzee 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    This is a wonderful series you folks are doing – Janine's really good at her craft, Stevie is gorgeous as always, I take it Adam's handling camera & production. Fun and innovative – yeah!

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  44. Jason Jacobson
    Jason Jacobson 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    Well, they look terrible. But stevie, you look very good.

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  45. Jenni Purr27
    Jenni Purr27 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    How to do Pin-Up girl hair(:

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  46. Erinsaidhello
    Erinsaidhello 12 July, 2017, 09:54

    not bad, I wouldnt choose to do it. but its cute.

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