It’s Halloween!!! Never to late to throw together a last minute costume! I decided to dress as one of the trolls, Poppy, from the new TROLL movie. Super easy and super affordable Halloween costume! This tutorial shows how to effectively turn your human hair into magical Troll hair! My apologies for the vertical taping but that was the only way to capture the height of the hair! My iphone 7 plus can’t come soon enough…ugh! Anyways…

All you need is the following:
– Empty soda or water bottle
– hair ties
– bobby pins
– head band
– clip on flowers
– hair spray
– temporary colored hair spray
– tank top
– leggings
– $1 store ribbons

That’s it! You could also use this tutorial for hair designs like the Bride of Frankenstein, Coneheads, etc. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and please feel free to post photos of your own designs too!

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xoxo, Kelly
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  1. Reese'sVlogs
    Reese'sVlogs 25 February, 2017, 10:01

    Hey great video, don't worry about your roots your a beautiful person <3 also thanks for the tutorial LOVE the eyebrows 😘🔥

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