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Woman hair is important factor to show off and look more attractive and Beautiful

Here are some name of Hairstyle.

Bangs obscured her eyes like a sheepdog
Flaked with snowy dandruff
Bleached, bottle baby
Braid like a thick black rope
Bundled at the nape
Bun resembled a cow patty
Cascading down her back
Chemically damaged
Coiled in a top-knot
Crowning glory
Cupie curls
Curls foamed luxuriously
Tendrils danced on the breeze
Downy bond hair sprinkled her arms
Dramatic widow’s peak
Elaborately dressed with ribbons
Smelled like burnt chicken feathers
Snow drifts of dandruff
Veiled her expression with
Greased into a ducktail
Flaming locks fluttered to the floor
Frizz job, bad perm
Glossy locks lifted on the wind
Grew like a thatch of straw on a roof
Grizzled, gray hair
Hair drooped around pale cheeks

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