Barley Grass Powder Benefits Food That Makes You Healthy 2016

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Health Benefits
1. Great for Breakfast Barley is nutrient rich and makes a satisfactory meal. It is packed with fiber and essential minerals such as: selenium, copper, tryptophan, and manganese. It gives you energy and keeps you feeling satisfied for a good part of the day. The manganese in barley helps you to feel happy and energetic; it also calms your nervous system.Harvard researchers studied the effects of consuming a grain breakfast on a daily basis. This study found, over a period of 19 years, that men who enjoyed a daily morning bowl of whole grain cereal had a 29% lower risk of heart failure. Not bad for a simple grain!
2. Helps You Lose Weight Barley helps to reduce weight, partially because of several kinds of essential amino acids, and partially because of its fiber content. Barley modulates your blood sugar levels, thus avoiding the sugar peaks and drops usually associated with the fat storage process.

Barley, compared to other grains, is low in calories and at the same time it makes a satisfactory meal, helping you feel full longer, so you don’t need to eat as frequently.3. Helps to Stabilize Blood Pressure A five week long study compared different grain combinations; it showed that adults who increased their intake of barley experienced a reduction in blood pressure.

4. Reduces Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease
Barley is rich in plant lignans which protect against breast and pressure, barley minimizes our chances for cancer and heart disease.Reduces Symptoms of Arthritis
Barley has Copper, which may also be helpful in reducing the thus helping cell regeneration. Copper is essential in cross-linking collagen and elastin, making bones and joints flexible.

6. Helps Develop and Repair Body Tissue
Barley is also rich in phosphorus which aids in cell regeneration. Phosphorus helps in forming bone. It is an essential building block of the genetic code and plays an important role in healthy cell membranes and our nervous system.
Barley is a great source of niacin (vitamin B) that provides numerous benefits to our cardiovascular system. Niacin can help
A Japanese study followed 44 men with high cholesterol and found that adding barley to their diet significantly reduced serum cholesterol and visceral fat, known contributors to cardiovascular risk.9. Lowers Bad Cholesterol The propionic acid produced from barley’s insoluble fiber may also be partly responsible for its cholesterol-lowering properties. It lowers the activity of HMG-CoA reductase enzyme and helps lower blood cholesterol levels.10. Inhibits Formation of Gallstones Barley helps reduce levels of triglycerides. Some may avoid gallstones with an increased intake of Barley. Also, barley is rich in insoluble fiber. There is a hypothesis that insoluble fibre reduces the secretion of bile acid which contributes to gallstone formation.11. Indispensable for Woman UK researchers looked at how fiber intake affects pre-menopausal women. They found that a diet rich in fiber from whole grains, such as barley, offered up to a 50% reduction in breast contains manganese, phosphorus, and copper, which are good for
Barley slows atherosclerosis, which is the plaque build-up that narrows blood vessels. It is a good source of vitamin B (niacin). Niacin may help prevent free radicals, while reducing bad cholesterol and blood clots.18. Supports the Kidney
Barley is rich in phosphorus, calcium, and Vitamin C. These are great contributors to healthy bones and teeth. Barley juice especially, is high in calcium. It also contains manganese, phosphorus, and copper which are good for your bones and teeth.
Beauty Benefits of Barley:21. Contributes to Healthy Skin
often reflected by your skin.24. Creates Pleasant Skin Tone
Barley tightens skin and eliminates toxins, making your skin silky and pleasantly toned.. Has Anti Aging Properties
The antioxidants in barley help make you look younger. Barley helps to eliminate toxins from the body, giving you the appearance of younger and healthier skin.
26. Healthy Hair Nutritional deficiencies are often reflected in your hair. Barley contains vital minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants needed for the production of healthy hair.
27. Promotes Hair Growth
Barley is rich in nutrients and minerals such as thiamin, niacin, and Procyanidin B-3. These promote and stimulate hair growth.
28. Combats Hair Loss
Barley contains iron and copper. It enhances production of red blood cells, and reduces hair loss.
29. Restores Hair Color
The Copper in barley helps create pigment for hair color.
Bringing Benefits of Barley to Your Table
You can increase your barley consumption in more than one way:

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