Anti-Anxiety Herbs – Relax Herbal Supplement will work for your Stress Pacific Herbs makes the fastest, most bio-available herbal products on the market. Stay calm and anxiety free with Relax Herb Pack stress reducing supplement.

Sulfur Free – Pure – Tested Ingredients- cGMP & ISO Compliant

5:1 concentrated granules

Convenient Granules – mix in warm water & enjoy!

50g per packet – equivalent to 50,000 mg

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San – Free & Easy Wanderer Formula

Our only solvent is purified water for all our concentrated granules. No chemical solvents and alcohol or glycerin. No Unnecessary fillers – NO Magnesium Stearate. These cooked, dried and concentrated herbs are packaged in moisture tight bottles. Mix in warm water and enjoy. OR, put granules right in your mouth and swallow like any capsule.

Now all the potency of raw herbs is preserved. Concentrated herbal granules are used throughout Asian hospitals and clinics. All our herbs are sulfur-free herbs and laboratory tests on all its products. All Pacific herbs products are made under internationally-certified- (ISO) and cGMP or “Current Good Manufacturing Practices” guidelines. Our herbal blends undergo over 100 tests to insure botanical authenticity, potency and purity. Our manufacturing facility is considered the gold standard in herbal processing and packaging.

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