‘A Little Bit of History Repeating’-Episode 3/ Part 2- The 1940’s Tutorial

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Check my channel later for a full review on this great pinafore skirt by Jitterbuggin:

See part one of this video for more info about the decade


Music by the Andrews Sisters

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  1. i143lucyball
    i143lucyball 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Nice picture of you at the end…very classic…I've enjoyed your videos, thanks for sharing all your knowledge with us…I love TCM (been watching for years)and always wondered how they got there looks..Over these past 2 yrs since I found your channel, I've been able to reproduced some of your looks and always feel beautiful and confident. Thanks!!!

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  2. MissGoldenDreams13
    MissGoldenDreams13 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @19myself91: I know what you mean about the 1980's, as opposed to what a lot of people think, the styles back then weren't always tacky or outlandish. It's like there were two types of "looks" at the time: the Brooke Shields look, which was very polished and elegant, and the Cyndi Lauper look, which was very quirky and free-spirited.

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  3. KSAmber
    KSAmber 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Hey Lisa I was wondering if you could recommend a good setting lotion?

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  4. VintageDoris
    VintageDoris 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    One again fab x

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  5. LisaFreemontStreet
    LisaFreemontStreet 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @19myself91 perhaps eventually…

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  6. LisaFreemontStreet
    LisaFreemontStreet 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @swissmiss2584 Yes they did a lot of backcombing in the 40's as well as using the rats.

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  7. swissmiss2584
    swissmiss2584 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Was it common to tease the hair in the 40's?

    I always wondered if it was done to achieve their high hairstyles or if they just used hair rats.

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  8. Ccmagee253
    Ccmagee253 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Loving the voice over!

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  9. FaerieDust
    FaerieDust 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @LisaFreemontStreet Thank you! πŸ™‚

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  10. Ashley Poepke
    Ashley Poepke 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    I'm really loving this series! I'm learning a lot and it's very interesting stuff! Thanks for posting!!!

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  11. BlameBetty100
    BlameBetty100 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    You look absolutely beautiful! I'm definatly going to try this! Thanks again xoxox

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  12. loanaea
    loanaea 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    I love the picture you used at the start of the video, so adorable and as a brown girl myself, I appreciate feeling included. We often get left out when people think 'retro' you always include us. πŸ™‚

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  13. LisaFreemontStreet
    LisaFreemontStreet 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @MsVictory1945 Part One discusses that. πŸ™‚ This look is inspired by both cinematic head shots and candid street shots. But it would be common for a lady of the era to wear foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, and lipstick for a night out.

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  14. Kitty Carlisle
    Kitty Carlisle 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Would women in the 1940s, esp. the war years, have used so many different products, in real life???

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  15. LisaFreemontStreet
    LisaFreemontStreet 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @leeloolovesparis THANKS!

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  16. leeloolovesparis
    leeloolovesparis 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    hey there πŸ™‚ i saw this vintage channel on miss Lisa Eldridge's site, and thought you of all people would like it… it's really interesting, vintage tutorials…. πŸ˜‰ xoxox
    the user name on youtube is – VintageFashions

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  17. Kimberly Redman
    Kimberly Redman 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    i am going to wear this to school <3

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  18. Gabrielle Greiner
    Gabrielle Greiner 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @letiskia Oh Johnny Oh by the Andrews Sisters πŸ™‚

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  19. 4vampee
    4vampee 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Once again, thanks for this series. I find it very interesting. Its one of the things I look forward to on my very little down time. πŸ™‚

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  20. LisaFreemontStreet
    LisaFreemontStreet 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    @FaerieDust Since the advent of cinema. πŸ™‚

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  21. A Vintage Vanity
    A Vintage Vanity 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    You know I didn't think I'd be a huge fan of the new backdrop but it's not bad! πŸ˜€

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  22. FaerieDust
    FaerieDust 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Love the new backdrop, so pretty! The 40's is one of my favorite decades, aesthetically, so this video was right up my alley πŸ˜› I was wondering one thing, though, about false lashes… How long have they been around and in use, do you know? I tried googling it, but couldn't really find anything useful, so I thought I'd ask πŸ˜›

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  23. BlossomsandDolls
    BlossomsandDolls 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    i feel like i need some more flowers in my life haha i love this series so very muchly so thank you πŸ™‚

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  24. lisaturtle13
    lisaturtle13 28 February, 2017, 15:45

    Oh one more thing! I live in a section of the country that was home to a huge number of ship yards during the war, particularly where women worked. There is a whole Rosie the Riveter museum near those old yards where I take daily walks by the ocean. I always think of you when I go there! They have photos of women there from that time, and you are right- even though they were working hard labor, they had their hair and makeup looking just right! So lovely!

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