4 week Update! Phytospecific Thinning Hair Treatment for Coarse Hair

Hey Beauties! I wanted to update you all on my hair update of my thinning crown from my too tight wig fiasco! It has been 4 weeks and I’m seeing a high amount of new growth from the thinning area that I thought would never grow back! There is new baby hair growing back in that area after just 4 weeks of use. I have been using this product exclusively nothing else because I want to make sure this is what has been working for my hair to make an informed decision. I have 8 more weeks left of this treatment see you all in 4 more weeks!

Thanks so much for watching! Please rate comment and sub! XOXOXO Sweetface!

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  1. 123leahm
    123leahm 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    thanks for the vid, any updates?

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  2. sweetfaceluxe
    sweetfaceluxe 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    I got it from a retailer that Curbox.com was promoting online bc of a sale a couple months back but you can get this actual product on Amazon !

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  3. sweetfaceluxe
    sweetfaceluxe 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    Omg I wonder why the growth ended up falling out! That's scary, Ive been alternating between this and Jamaican black caster oil and Im on my 3rd month I wont purchase after because my bald spots are gone thanks for commenting and watching my vid 😉

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  4. KeAnne Robinson
    KeAnne Robinson 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    Where did get the treatment?

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  5. Aiden Stewart
    Aiden Stewart 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    wishing you the best. I used this last year for 7 months and got great results. Six months after I stopped using it, I lost all of the hair I'd grown. I am considering going back on it and found your channel.

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  6. TheMrsSMJ
    TheMrsSMJ 22 February, 2017, 15:11

    It is growing good!!! Love the video's sis!

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