16 Weirdest Beauty Treatments

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16 Weirdest Beauty Treatments.
People go great lengths for beauty here are 16 Weirdest Beauty Treatments from Cactus Massage to Chocolate Body Wraps!

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9 Chocolate Body Wraps

A Chocolate Body Wrap is possibly not the most ridiculous sounding treatment on this list, but it is the tastiest. Pure chocolate is supposed to have antioxidants that can be good for your body if consumed in small amounts. Covering your body in chocolate and laying around for an hour can apparently smooth, soothe, and detoxify your skin in the same way.

8 Cactus Massage

The Cactus Massage treatment has, as you might guess it, someone roll a cactus pad on your skin. Don’t worry; these pads are de-pricked to prevent you from getting any painful wounds. This helps bring out the toxins in your skin and replaces it with the hydrating cactus meringue into it. Or at least they claim that’s what it does.

7 Microcurrent Therapy

The Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa in New York City is a pretty run of the mill spa. They rub your skin down with an organic papaya and mint scrub and take off any dead skin you have sitting on the top layer of your body, cleanse your pores, etcetera. However, things take a turn for the weird once they plug you into a microcurrent therapy machine. With a dozen or two electrical pads placed on any problem areas such as your derriere, they send tiny microcurrents to zap your skin. This minor electrocution treatment reportedly does wonders for cellulite.

6 Fish Pedicures

This treatment is one of the more popular practices but is still so weird it is banned from many places in the United States. A Fish pedicure usually unleashes a swarm of hungry Garra rufa fish on your feet. Submerge your toes into a tank full of them and they will f east on all the dead skin cells that could make your feet feel rough and dry. While some are big proponents of fish pedicures, it is still banned in many places because of fears that it may be unsanitary.

5 Stem Cell Treatments

Using stem cells in any medical capacity is still controversial, but some people will use stem cells for cosmetic purposes. Stem cells are used by the body to make repairs as they can sort of transform into any other cells. They are used primarily in bone marrow transplants for people suffering from leukemia, but some will use this highly controversial treatment to reverse aging and disappear wrinkles.

4 Poison and Gold Facials

Celebrities are known for their highly luxurious treatments, but this might be one of the most decadent beauty treatments possible. Folks like Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, and Ellie Goulding have done solid gold facials. These things can cost around 1,000 pounds and combine actual gold as well as actual bee venom. Micro-abrasions open up your skin and allow in the bee venom which causes blood to rush to your face. The facial also has serum and a gold mask that supposedly makes you look beautiful. Some might say it’s just an excuse to cover your face in 24 karat gold leaf.

3 Placenta Hair Treatments

Here’s a surprisingly common hair treatment you might not know about: placentas. Many beauty stores will carry kits or packages selling Placenta Treatments, and they actually contain extract from animal placentas. Placentas reportedly contain hormones and nutrients that can stimulate hair growth and result in a healthier mane. Many animals, including humans, actually eat their placenta to replenish their bodies with nutrients so the science might just check out on this one. While there hasn’t been any tried and true clinical tests yet, placenta treatments are found to contain minoxidil, an ingredient found in the hair growth supplement known as Rogaine.

2 Bull Semen Hair Treatment

Some people will do absolutely anything to get their hair to look shiny, healthy, and full of life. One hair salon based in Los Angeles is taking advantage of that. The salon, called TheBroot, is offering you a hair treatment “animal style”. The treatment includes a blend of essential oils, honey, mayo, avocado, and the part that makes it animal style: a shot of bull semen. They cook down bull testicles into a broth and add that to your treatment. This reportedly repairs damaged outer layers of your hair and can even stimulate growth.

1 Snail Facials

Having a bunch of snails crawl over your face seems counterintuitive to having a nice complexion, but that is one of the most popular beauty fads from recent time. The snail mucus extracted from a snail’s slime contains proteins, antioxidants and other components that will rejuvenate your skin. Many beauty products are infused with snail mucus because of this, but there are people who will place life snails on you and let them crawl around to get fresh slime on you.

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