10 Ways to Tie A Silk Head Scarf

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Hey Guys!

Summer is right around the corner! Time for relaxed, laid-back clothes, and cute head scarves! Here’s 10 quick and easy ways that I like to alternate my head scarves! Whether it’s to protect the hair from the summer sun or cover unflattering twists, you’ll be sure to look great this season! Hope you give it a try!

XoXo Nap

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  1. airagorncharda
    airagorncharda 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Your video is fantastic, but I wanted to let you know that "g*psy" is a racial slur against romani people. Please come up with a different term for those styles.

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  2. Sharon Anderson
    Sharon Anderson 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thanks Soooo Much I used to wear scarfs alot haven't done them for so long I forgot all the cute ways to wrap them

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  3. Michelle E
    Michelle E 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    I love that we can do so much with scarves. I love your tutorials on good hair care. Thanks Whitney! πŸ’—

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  4. Vicariously ❀Me❀
    Vicariously ❀Me❀ 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Your style looks really beautiful. I like to see natural healthy hair. Enjoy your channel tfs xoxo

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  5. Sharon Johnson
    Sharon Johnson 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Love this video…very helpful.. Thank you

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  6. Lerlene Cork
    Lerlene Cork 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, your a hair saver for sure !!!

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  7. MrsPO
    MrsPO 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    you are so warm and friendly. thanks for this video!

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  8. Vinnette Pope
    Vinnette Pope 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    What size are your scarves?

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  9. Ariel Hatten
    Ariel Hatten 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    you have beautiful hair!

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  10. EDM Raydeeoh
    EDM Raydeeoh 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    I love your smile!

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  11. Chef Kristea
    Chef Kristea 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    This is so helpful! Trying to get scarf ideas for church today. Love it

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  12. Shannon Nicole
    Shannon Nicole 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Cute! I might try some of these I'm trying to grow my hair out so this will be fun to do. πŸ™‚

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  13. Mars M
    Mars M 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    The chiquita banana's my favorite too! πŸ™‚ Oh wait, the criss cross looks good too! Thanks for teaching us all these!

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  14. Rebekah Miller
    Rebekah Miller 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Aww, Keon you make me smile! πŸ™‚

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  15. jenkiiez
    jenkiiez 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Where did you get your scarves from?

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  16. DarkAndDandy
    DarkAndDandy 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    I have literally been trying for months to buy a plain black head scarf to wrap my hair for work and I literally can't find ONE!

    Why are these things so damn hard to find?!?!?!

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  17. Sydni C
    Sydni C 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Where do you purchase your silk scarves from?

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  18. Faith Omosefe
    Faith Omosefe 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    so lovely

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  19. China Brickey
    China Brickey 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thank you for this!! I'm an actress and have to wear a lot of wigs so my hair is constantly in twists during the day. Where do you get all your scarves??

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  20. Heather Andersen
    Heather Andersen 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    You are just beautiful and have great style! Thank you for posting this.

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  21. rachel elizabeth
    rachel elizabeth 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    I luv yur hair!

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  22. Radha Damodara
    Radha Damodara 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thanks for making this, its so helpful! You do a good job of explaining and demonstrating πŸ™‚

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  23. Lively Hawkins
    Lively Hawkins 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Hey there. Where do you buy your scarves? I have looked a number of places and I can't ever find long silk/satin scarves.

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  24. Marie Valentin
    Marie Valentin 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    love all your videos. you make them easy, fun and informative. I just wanted to know where you order or buy your scarfs. looking forward to the next video β™‘β™‘β™‘

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    CYNTHIA TIDDLY 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thank you so much! I'm using a scarf for an audition tomorrow and you are a big help!

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  26. Trenell Taylor
    Trenell Taylor 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    HEY i knew that was your voice in the Shea moisture commercial

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  27. betterthanthat25 Hi
    betterthanthat25 Hi 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Beautiful, I love this and thanks!!!

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  28. Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    oh my gosh girl you saved my life! Thank you!

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  29. Kelly Jones
    Kelly Jones 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Wat a gorgeous girl

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  30. Ashley webb
    Ashley webb 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    where did you get your scarves from?

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  31. S. Collins
    S. Collins 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Enjoyed your tips.Β  Thanks for sharing, sistah!

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  32. aniazinka
    aniazinka 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Great video,thanks! and lovely hair πŸ™‚

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  33. Nwanosike ugonna
    Nwanosike ugonna 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    cool video

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  34. CandyApple Momo
    CandyApple Momo 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    I enjoyed

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  35. RheRheSmily
    RheRheSmily 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    i like number 7, 8, 9 & 10

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  36. Shanteja Beal
    Shanteja Beal 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Love you

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  37. Keon Hill
    Keon Hill 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Black girls are the most beautiful women on earth

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  38. Lesley Lynch
    Lesley Lynch 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Fantastic video!!! New subbie right here 😁

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  39. gabrielle rivera
    gabrielle rivera 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    So cute, love this video!!!

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  40. Kchanel
    Kchanel 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    This is great! I love my nationality so much. The things we can do with our hair when I was stuck thinking that there was little to nothing I could do with my hair. I will most definitely be trying out these styles! And you are very pretty btw πŸ™‚

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  41. No One
    No One 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Thanks for these tips. You have such a pretty smile!

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  42. Curly Rhoday
    Curly Rhoday 20 February, 2017, 06:44


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  43. Nicole Lenz
    Nicole Lenz 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Where did you find the bigger headscarfs?

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  44. Lovette's House of Style
    Lovette's House of Style 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    LOVED it! I love headwrap sand saw your video after I recorded mine yesterday. Would love to know what you think. ❀️❀️❀️

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  45. jayefordful
    jayefordful 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    Where do you purchase your scarves?

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  46. TheKeKe313
    TheKeKe313 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    You are so gorgeous. =)

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  47. Ran
    Ran 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    عبيدو πŸ’”

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  48. Lola Mark
    Lola Mark 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    lovely! Thnxs.

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  49. Digser Abreu
    Digser Abreu 20 February, 2017, 06:44

    where do you get your scarfs they are so pretty

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